Saving the Life Essay Example

Saving the Life Essay Example
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📌Published: 02 May 2021

“BANG”! A loud crack fills through the air as I am writing an essay. Everybody stop writing and turn to the deafening sound. The fire alarm goes off and everybody starts freaking out.  There is a scramble to get out off the door. We run to the field and we see that there is a giant sinkhole that is forming at the portables.  Most people are running towards the field but I run to the portbles to help out. My brain is telling me I shouldn’t risk my life but my heart says help.  My friends scream at me to get back as I sprint to help. Teachers was hurrying to get everybody out of the portables.

The portables are slowly collapsing. The deafening sound of the screams burst in my ears. The teachers make everybody stay back as they ascot the kids out of the portable. Portable 5 starts sinking as the last kids escape. There is a scream coming from the portable 3, a kid that is stuck in the portable and cant get out. The teachers keep people back as they think it's too late to save him. I make a quick decision as my legs start moving towards the kid. I burst right past the teachers and jump into the sinking portable. I run to the kid and helped him up. I look at his leg which is twisted in the wrong direction. I realized he broke his leg. I lifted the up and ran. The sinkhole swallowed everything around me as I threw the kid to the teachers. My heart is racing as I think that i'm going to die. There was a crack and the ground is about to give in. Someone throws a rope down.  I jump and grab the rope right as the ground around me collapses. I pull myself up and get a whiff of the sweet grassy ground. 

When I got up everybody started cheering. I look at the kid I rescued. The kid is scared out of his mind and traumatized of the experience. I made sure the kid was okay then went to the nurses office.  My mind was racing with thoughts. I could've got killed, but I didn't and I rescued a kid. I had a couple of scratches from the landing but ether then that I was fine.  Police got here a couple minutes later. The good news is no one died. Reporters filled the field, they all wanted to interview me. I was shocked, I didn't think saving someone was such a big deal. Everyone in my situation would have saved him.

My brain then corrected me as I remembered that people now are not that caring and passionate. Reportors got to me and started asking questions. The first question they asked me is why did I save him. That question bugs me because everybody should be willing to save another human if they can't save themselves. After the interview everyone went home. The next day there was a ceremony for me. I was shocked when I heard that there is going to be a ceremony. When I get to school people start cheering. I am feeling on top of the world.  The kid that I saved is in a chair. Tears are plummeting down his cheeks. I jump on the stage as they give me a trophy. When I get home I turn on the news and see myself smiling back at me.

Four weeks later, I arrive at the brand new shiny portebales. The classes  that were in the portables were moved into the small gym. The school became  really crowded and news reporters were all around. The school was closed for two weeks because the school board wanted to make sure there would be no more sinkholes. Once the coast was clear they started building the new portables. The Washington court decided we didn’t have to make those day up because it was caused by a natural disaster. I found out the name of the kid I saved. His name is Max. I became close friends with Max and became really popular. Everybody now knew me and wanted to be my friend. I was also always on the news. I became a hero to everyone in my school. When I got back to school I admired the sinkhole. Max came up to me and said “ dude, you saved me from that”. When my parents heard about the situation they were so happy that I was alice and so brave. One day I got a call from the senator to come down to see him. When I arrived the senator gave me a life saving medal. I was so proud and happy to have that award.  That experience impacted my life so much.


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