Russian Doll Analysis Example: The New The Netflix Series

The Netflix series, Russian Doll, is overall a comedy and drama web series about the main character, Nadia, who is at her 36th birthday party that her friend, Maxine, has thrown for her. Nadia leaves the party to go out with Mike and they end up later on at night trying to find her cat, Oatmeal, but she ends up getting hit by a car and dies. You would think she would die, but she ends up in the same exact spot she was when the series first started in her friend's bathroom at the party. The series continues with her continuously dying and then finding out that there is someone named, Alan. She remembers seeing Alan at the convenience store, really drunk, that her friend Fernan works at who he is friends with Alan too. 

Overall, the reason why Alan is messed up and everywhere is because his girlfriend of nine years had broken up with him before the trip they were going to go on and when he was going to propose too. With Alan, we find out that he is going through the exact same thing as her and they group together to try to find out what this whole situation is and why all of this crazy stuff is happening to them both and only them. As everything continues they both see how people are disappearing and they hurry to find out what is wrong. They came to the conclusion that they need to accept and try to take in that what they have been dreading to come to conclusion with, Alan not wanting to accept that Beatrice, his ex-girlfriend, broke up with him and how Nadia can not accept her mothers death and what her mother was going through when she was a child.

They came to terms with these things, but then, in the end, they end up in different universes from each other and now they have to save each other from their first original death. The ending brings them together and happy walking away. This series, Russian Doll, was overall to my liking because it was beautifully produced, the actors felt like real people and were really funny, and this main plot of the series kept me on the edge of my seat with many different emotions from humor to . 

Russian Doll was overall to my liking because it was beautifully produced. For an eight episode show, it was really good at executing many things from getting great close up shots of the main characters, the artistic value of the pieces in the apartment, and one of my favorite scenes is at in the end at the very last episode where you see both cuts of their universes and it is split to show off both and then they come together as if it were merging both so they could finally put them back together in the same universe. The show provided so much comedy and the entertainment value of the show was great because it showed off drugs of course and just people dying and that is something that always catches the audience's attention.

The plot overall was really good because the audience just wants to know why on earth does this keep happening to the two main characters and are they going to be able to stop it. It really is an eye catcher because sure we do get a couple of movies or shows that are kinda similar to this plot but it is for some reason nice to see this plot come up again because it is something we know of and like to see. 

This tv series was actually very well written to because the seventh episode where Ruth, she is sort of Nadia’s therapist, but she is just a really close family friend to her, is talking to Nadia about her mother and it just gets very deep and it could really hit a soft spot for people because I know it did for me. Another well written scene I would say would be the same exact episode, but this time with Alan talking to Beatrice and knowing she has been cheating on him, but that scene can hit close to home to for some people that are watching this show because we all go through things to be mistreated like this too and that just really keeps the audience engaged even more and gave the audience a type of involvement in it. An aspect that was well added to the show was how they hinted in the beginning with the two characters what they both needed to accept and it was an item they both always had. For Nadia, it was the necklace she always wore, that she ends up giving to the homeless guy named Horse, that her mother gave her and for Alan, it was a ring, that he was holding on to throughout the whole time till he threw it in the lake, that he was going to propose to Beatrice with.

Another thing about the series, Russian Doll, is that it was pretty well diverse and had different stories for many characters and it was very great at showing off their different decisions and who they really are and bringing in different ethnicities into the show. You can also notice some characters with a mental illness sort of like, for example, Alan with his OCD and wanting to control everything if something was not perfect to him. The characters were really entertaining and funny too and bringing up cool references to other things too. Overall, the audience is able to accept what is going on to these characters and accept what they hear and see because of how great this show was nicely made. Out of the four, I am glad I chose to watch this show and I had seen how highly rated it was and seeing that made me excited to watch the show and to continue seeing this. I really liked the concept of Nadia’s character also with her being a fiery woman character and not caring how she is to others but knowing where the limits are and she is just an overall great character. Same with her two best friends in the show, Maxine and Lizzy, were both very spunky and really hilarious. 

In conclusion, Russian Doll, was overall to my liking because the main plot of the story was really entertaining, it was really beautifully produced and kept the audience engaged, and the actors felt like real people and were really funny.



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