Rights of Immigrants Essay Example

By definition, an illegal immigrant is a person of a nationality that is known to be foreign who immigrated to Canada without government permission. Many people view such a group of people as illegal while others view them as if they are criminals but the big question would be, what would make them criminals? Another dimension of questioning this issue is; suppose a given individual was forced to be in Canada by the circumstances in that he/she was born in the Country? Does that still make them illegal immigrants?

Indeed, the constitution of Canada does not allow illegal immigrants to cross the borders and enter, but the truth is, once they are already inside the Country they are protected from any situation which would make them be discriminated. They are protected against being mistreated by the government in a way to suggest that they are being limited on some basic requirements that they need in their daily survival means. At this point one would ask the question; then does the term illegal immigrant hold in the first place? All the same, this is a situation that needs to be treated in a very careful way so that the Country is not hurt in any way and the basic human rights are not violated and also the rights which concern the immigrants. At the same time, the authority handling the case of immigrants needs to have some form of balance so that harmony exists.

Now, those individuals who end up deciding to leave their countries and then migrate to Canada, some of the reasons that cause them to behave like that are; political, economic or security reasons. Other reasons that make immigrants enter the country are connected to poverty. It happens that most immigrants travel without documents and this also makes them be labeled as illegal immigrants. Other people happen to observe that their parents have had a hard time finding a job or even a job that has security and this prompts them to move to Canada.

Nevertheless, there are laws and this needs to be respected and at the same time, the immigrants should be respected concerning basic human rights. Once the immigrants have crossed the border they should be protected and provided with basic requirements that they may need. On whether they should be treated the same as the citizens is not a question to be answered with a yes or no. After allowing the immigrants to access basic requirements the government of Canada should launch a comprehensive process of identifying the immigrants in a more detailed manner so that there can be proper mechanisms of documenting them. In the identification process, the authority will be able to determine those who have genuine reasons and those who could bring negative effects. This process can help to harmonize the two sides; for one, to save the country from any harm and on the other side to treat the immigrants as human beings. This means after the verification process is done immigrants can be treated the same way as citizens of Canada.



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