The Right of Abortion Essay Example

The Right of Abortion Essay Example
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📌Published: 05 August 2020

Your walking into an abortion clinic, feeling guilty enough about your decision when you see a bunch of anti-abortion activists screaming insults at you. ¨ Your a murderer, how could you kill your own child!¨ The issue is they don't know your reasons or what happened. They judge you to fast and make you feel guilty about something they don't even know about. Abortion is a growing topic of whether abortions should be legal or not. Women should have the choice to get an abortion. 

Women who have been raped may not want children and seeing the child can bring up bad memories of what has happened to them. Reports show that 32,100 women get pregnant after being raped. It is unfair to restrict abortions from them because they got forcefully impregnated. This experience is traumatic and the women could become depressed or stressed and she may take antidepressants. This can harm the fetus, but life will continue to get harder afterward. This could lead to abusive parenting and the feeling of guilt and embarrassment to increase. The children also become affected by living with the fact that their mother was forced into having a child, and if abortions are illegal the child can also believe they were unwanted. The children are also more likely to develop extreme psychological disorders including PTSD, anxiety, and depression. 

Women who want abortions constantly get harassed outside of the clinics and being told they are murderers. Although our first amendment right allows freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful assembly, people are abusing it and throwing their beliefs in other peopleś faces in a rude matter. Lisa Jones was on her way to an abortion clinic when anti-abortion activists told her she was killing something with a heartbeat. It doesn't just stop at attacking the women getting abortions, they also attack people going to clinics for other reasons, and attack the clinic´s employees. In 2015 three people were killed at an abortion clinic by pro-life activists. Since 1993 at least eleven people have been killed from attacks specifically on abortion clinics. There have also been twenty-six attempted murderers and hundreds of bombings, arsons, burglaries, and vandalism. American Family Planning Pensacola has experienced five attacks and two were bombings. The damage causes mad the clinic move to a different location. This is ridiculous, Pro-life activists are out there killing people which is hypocritical and horrible.

Now an anti-abortion activist may say that abortions should be illegal. They say this because the fetus has a heartbeat and it is still human. Although that is great reasoning babies have a heartbeat at three weeks and a brain at six weeks, but they don't feel anything until 20 weeks. The fetus would have no idea what is going on and they would not feel any pain. What about women who get abortions after 20 weeks? Doesn't that hurt the baby? Most abortions tend to happen before 20 weeks and that most are illegal after that. Some clinics won't even do it after 10 weeks. In the rare case that a woman gets an abortion after 20 weeks would be for life-threatening reasons. Would you rather have the mother live ad the child die or have both die?

Some women would like the children but they can´t afford anything or can´t support the child. One-third of American families can´t support diapers, shampoo, soap, and feminine hygiene products. The families are in desperate need of financial aid and the government have not helped. Other people just aren't ready for children. Some can be illegal substance users, and it wouldn't be fair for the child to grow up in a drug addicts house. Fred Nelson grew up in an alcoholic's house and now he suffers from the same addiction. He claims that when he was younger his mother would come home with her boyfriend and drink. They would get so drunk that they would argue and her boyfriend would hit her. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that a quarter of children in the U.S. grow up in households where there is substance abuse. Studies show that children growing up in a home like this are eight times more likely to get an addiction.

You shouldn't harass a woman for something that is her decision. Let women have their choice in personal matters, and don't force your beliefs on them. Women are being harassed every day for this and it is not okay. Next time you see a woman being harassed for her personal decisions take a stand and help them understand what they are doing is wrong. No matter who they are or what they have done, they are allowed to make decisions for themselves.


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