Review on the 100. The Essay Example on TV Series

The 100 is an American science fiction series and is set ninety-seven years after a devastating nuclear war wiped out life on earth. The only known survivors are the residents of twelve space stations in Earth’s orbit prior to the war. The space stations altogether (known as the Ark) seem like a society, with a political administration, guards, farmers, engineers, teachers, and all the things needed for living. But the resources are scarce and stern and inflexible rules follow death penalty for petty crimes.As resources are scarce and life on the Ark is limited, the political administration decides to send 100 juvenile prisoners onto the ground (Earth). These perpetrators are trained so that they are able to survive on land. But what happens when you send teenagers to the ground with no adult supervision? 


The air is survivable, breathable and fresh and the teenagers are mesmerized by the beauty of the planet they could only get a glimpse of from space. Prisoners are craving revenge as they were locked up for petty crimes and decide to cut off any source of communication with the political administration and the medical staff. Clarke, bold, daring, canny and quick- witted character in the show, played by Eliza Taylor wants to lead the crowd and wants them to keep their bands on which is how the Ark would know if they survived. But on the other hand, there is Bellamy with his sapient character (played by Bob Morley) who wants to lead too but does not want any communication with the Ark and increases the hatred among the prisoners. 

Clarke goes on an expedition with few of her friends and followers to get the supplies that they need to survive, only to find out that there are other survivors on the ground. Grounders believe that people from the sky are a threat to their life. This makes it impossible to get the supplies as the Grounders attack them, which follows a constant conflict between the two groups of people. 

Streaming platforms 

The 100 is available on Netflix and also on the CWW app. You can also purchase the episodes of the 100 on Amazon. 

The bad 

The 100 is a long series comprising 7 seasons and 100 episodes. This might fade the interest of the viewers. Furthermore, the series seems repetitive as we proceed. 

The show is guilty of too rapid character development. From Finn (played by Thomas McDonell) from a winsome, captivating and charming man turns into a complete psychopath to Octavia (played by Marie Avgeropoulos) who lived under a floorboard must definitely lack physical or athletic skills turns into a daring, fearless and bold fighter in just few episodes.  

The good 

The costumes are suited with the genre of the series. The crew does a remarkable job when it comes to visual aesthetics. The show has also perfectly blended action, drama and romance. The show has an unique storyline 


One cannot call the show a must watch. But if you have nothing to watch and want to binge on intense series and movies then definitely the 100 is the one.This show had the capability to make it to every science fiction fanatic’s watch list. 



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