Reflecting Through the Camera. The College Personal Essay Example

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  • Published: 21 March 2021
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In life, the phrase take a picture, it will last longer is often used as a passing comment in small talk; yet, being able to take a picture to make the moment last longer, is not an option for my family. In 2011, my view of the picture perfect family was forevermore changed. When I was ten and my sister was sixteen, our aunt committed suicide. An entire shock went through my family. My father was a mess, my sister could not comprehend fully, and my mother was left to explain why everything had transferred to pure darkness. The emotional trauma from my aunt's untimely death brought new sorrows into my family's life but through the hardships, I formed a greater understanding.

The aftermath of the death led my sister into a depressive state. Being older, I was understanding the harsh realities of those struggling with mental health. Both my aunt and my sister faced common tribulations; both having physical disabilities, additionally facing difficulties with being able to fit into community conditional views of normal. The collective normals of the way families are preconditioned to behave in society in this era remain undiscussed: furthering the restraints it puts on one's health. 

Nevertheless, it was in the time of darkness and lack of understanding that I found my passion. My love for photography and ability to stop time into a single moment was how I accepted what had altered my life. My sister became my muse, the subject in nearly every project. Having photographs of her helped to ensure my security that she was still with me and helped to ensure that she was important. My photography skills eventually developed into a love for film and even opportunities of being involved in the creative makings. Through my initiative and drive, I was able to become the executive producer of a short film titled “Airspace.” The film follows the major lead, a despondent woman who is saved before committing suicide. 

Following my involvement with the film, my hopes of bringing awareness to suicide and those who are affected by mental health challenges have become my primary aim. Embellishing in the arts, further illustrating these hardships is consequently what have led to my aspirations. The everyday struggles that many people face are far more common than not, and it is time for society to become more understanding. I have been affected tremendously by someone taking their life, but the understanding I now have and the ability to transform awareness onto at least one person are my hopes for my future. 



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