Reasons For A Ban On Passenger Cars Essay Example

I think it is a good idea to ban passenger cars. it is better for the planet, a good way to stay active and healthy, and it will slow down the influx of problems. although there are pros to banning them there are cons as well.

According to the EPA, motor vehicles cause 75 percent of carbon monoxide in the U.S. The EDF estimates one third of the air pollution in the U.S is caused by transportation, especially in large cities. Along with all of the other cars such as public transpotation, delivery, and emergency personel, there are thousands of vehicles running every day. Carbon emmistions not only affect our planet but our bodies as well. Lung problems are more common in urban settings rather than rural due to this fact.

The average person needs about 30-60 minutes of physical activity everyday. Most americans are to busy with their day to day lives to do so. If the city were to ban passenger cars the increase of people walking, or biking places would greatly affect their health. Not only physically but mentally, help states "regular exercise can have a positive impact on your deppression, anxiety, and ADHD." It can improve your memory, help you sleep better, and boost your overall mood. Exersise can also lead to lower body fat, redusing the percentages of obesity that tends to ne higher in urban settings as well.

If passenger cars were banned then, civillian cause auto accidents are less likely to occur. The fewer number of people on the road means emergency personel, response time will increase. People can use public transport to get where ever they need to go, alternatively they could ride a bicyle or walk to their destinations. This will cause people to interact with eachother more, possibly creating new, or strengthening already exsisting bonds.

In contrast, lessening passenger vehicle use may have many benefits, but it can also cause harm. Firstly, people have a right to use a personal vehicle, especially one they own. Secondly, some, for example, the elderly and people with physical disabilities along with their care givers can not use other forms of transportation. They require vehicles personally tailored to their needs. Banning this will affect their lives for the worse. 

In conclusion, putting an end to personal vehicle use in places where public transportation is easily accesable to able-bodied persons will have wonderful affects on the individual health of the people, our planet, and our streets. Truck drivers, delivery, and emergency personel will have a safer space to do their jobs. Accidents will decrease and personal health and lives will increase for the better.


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