Pros and Cons of GMO Argumentative Essay Example 2

Should scientists continue to use genetically modified organisms? If scientists keep using GMOs it could make people sick, they can cause an increase in allergic reactions, and the use of GMOs is only growing. Do people really want all sorts of chemicals in their food? They do not even know what the chemicals are. So why would people want GMOs in their food? GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. A GMO is a chemical that cross breeds different traits from different foods and other chemicals. After the GMO is made they spray or inject them into plants and other foods. Although GMOs can be helpful with the different types of looks that the plant or food has. However, the risk GMOs take on human health, antibiotic intake, and how much more people have been using them it's very important to keep a close eye on GMOs.

GMOs can make people more prone to sickness. GMOs replace most of the nutrition in fruits and veggies. When people become malnourished of nutrition it makes their bodies weak and lowers their immune system, causing them to become sick. GMO´s can resist how much antibiotics people's bodies take in. When people take different types of antibiotics they might not be as strong when fighting diseases

GMOs can affect allergies. GMOs can cause a more serious reaction when it comes to allergies. A lot of fruits and veggies have other traits in them that belong to other fruits and vegetables, this is all because of GMOs. If someone is Allergic to a certain fruit or veggie and they eat a different fruit or vegetable, chances are that the GMOs in that fruit or vegetable have some traits that belong to the thing that they are allergic to. There are also a lot of different chemicals in GMOs aside to traits from different foods. Some people are allergic to the different types of chemicals that can be located in GMOs. 

The usage of GMOs is growing. Over the years more and more studies have shown the increase in GMO usage across America. People are using GMOs more because it can make things taste and look better. That's a way for people to make money quick and easy. GMOs are easy to access there is a higher chance that people will put them into food. If the things in GMOs were located on the label of something the usage of GMOs might go down. People would see all the negative effects, and when they see words they can not even pronounce, they will see what it is doing to this world and them.

Critics may argue that GMOs make things look better and more attractive to the consumer. However, looks should not compare to the health and well being of the consumer. Who really wants to eat a lot of chemicals? If people really knew what they were ingesting  would they still continue to eat GMOs?  People want to be informed about what they eat, they want to know more about the chemicals that they're ingesting. So why do people want to hide the truth about GMOs?

Clearly, GMOs make people fall ill, leave consumers more prone to allergic reactions, and their usage has only increased over the years. Due to the devastating effects of GMOs, they should no longer be used. GMOs are also being used all over the world, including in America. Now do people really want this in their food and drinks, probably not?



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