Pros And Cons of Corporate Partnerships Essay Example

Pros And Cons of Corporate Partnerships Essay Example
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📌Published: 11 May 2021

Throughout the average school, a student encounters hundreds of corporate advertisements during their academic career. These advertisements appear in a multitude of forms including posters on the walls of gymnasiums, libraries, or even on a player’s uniform. Various school districts are engaging in these commercials to allow for more revenue to be gained. Corporate advertisements empower schools across the nation to partake in new, thrilling experiences. Overall, the plenitude of pros outweigh the few cons corporate partnerships pose.

Corporate sponsorships possess a very connotative reputation, but that does not preempt from the abundance of good that they bring to schools in the country. For instance, partnerships with companies such as Nike or Adidas can have a positive influence on students by promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise and sports. Corporate sponsorships are not strictly related to sports, either. Contracts with top enterprises like Target call for a donation of school supplies to benefit those who do not necessarily have the funds for such things. In whole, corporate sponsorships produce beyond the common good for schools and their students.

While corporate sponsorships generate an abundance of good, they can also cause copious amounts of corruption. Partnerships with businesses such as Coca Cola and Pepsi can raise multiple problems. To start, if a school is in a contract with either company, then those are the only drink products that the school can sell. By not allowing a school to distribute Coke products because they are in a partnership with Pepsi is limiting the students choice of preferred beverage. Additionally, a sponsorship with either company, or any soda business for that matter, has the high possibility of promoting childhood obesity. If a student had the choice of having water or a sugary drink, the student will go for the sugary drink more times than not. In the end, corporate sponsorships that influence bad health decisions do not grant a good reputation to school districts that do partake in the partnerships. 

With all matters considered, corporate sponsorships are a positive influence on schools and their students. Partnerships with large, notorious companies is a great way for schools to acquire more money. The money gained from these corporations can be allocated to certain departments that need the assistance or have felt the aftermath of large budget cuts like multiple districts in the Los Angeles area have in the past. The money can assist in improving a department’s educational resources, like replacing a smart board or buying new glassware for chemistry and home ec classes. Not only that, but the money could be utilized to renovate or build a new facility for the students that would be beneficial to their learning and overall education lifestyle. If schools were to partner with companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi, students would not be able to concentrate on what really matters: their schooling. The money that would be used to buy and distribute sugary drinks could instead go towards a glamourous library where students could meet with friends and study, or simply rest. In brief, corporate sponsorships can impact students positively and increase their chances of succeeding in school.

When it comes to corporate sponsorship, the multitude of pros compensate for the meager expense of cons. Partnerships with companies are beneficial to the operation of a school as they supply students with positive influences, as well as assisting districts in improving their educational departments in various manners, and allocating money for possible renovations. On the other hand, corporate sponsorships can influence students in a negative way. Partnering with businesses like Coca Cola or Pepsi limits a students choices and promotes, unintentionally, childhood obesity. All in all, corporate sponsorships only enhance a school and its service to students rather than harm.


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