Problems of Modern Business Essay Example

Problems of Modern Business Essay Example
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📌Published: 11 May 2021

Businesses can face multiple problems from not only consumers but their own employees and the government for deciding to use unethical practices. In the eyes of a capitalistic economy a company's reputation is very important to uphold as smears against your business can make you lose potential sales and sponsors that support your company. Think about it for a second, would you buy from a company known to treat its workers poorly or would you buy from a company that is known to treat its employees well? Whether a company has poor working conditions, low pay, long hours, non-flexible schedules, or etc. anything that makes you look bad stays that way until something is changed. If you treat your employees poorly you risk not only losing customers but the employees themselves.

They may revolt and strike back or even quit the job entirely. If you want success this must be avoided at all costs. An example of this kind of controversial practice used by large companies is foreign relocation for cheap labor. Large companies find it much cheaper to conduct their production outside of the country and then sell them to other countries. This is done with cheap labor for third-world countries that are typically done in awful working conditions. Critics point out the immorality of using people like this and the amount of jobs lost using cheap labor while defenders point out that it's because of the high cost of workers in their countries that this practice is done. You can agree with the critics or defenders, but this is definitely a problem that stems from an ethically questionable practice.

Problems not only come from treating your laborers poorly, but it can also come from how your business operates or what product you sell. For example, Shell, a large oil company, is having a lawsuit filed against it by climate groups because they say that the entire business contributes to climate change. This is a problem that occurs when a business seemingly neglects sustainability. In a recent trend, more and more people are becoming concerned with how we treat our environment and many business are starting to switch over to "green" methods of production. Going green simply means to change how and what resources are being used to make a product that coincides with nature. With scientific researching adding to the concern of climate change Shell or any company that lacks sustainability is faced with a smear against its brand which can in turn hurt its business.

Finally, the worst type of problem you want to occur, is an unethical actions committed against a customer. When a business can't even treat its consumers correctly it is a failure by the definition of business. An example of this would be the situation that United Airlines suffered when a passenger on its airplane was forcibly removed from the plane. The video surfaced on the internet showing this rough treatment of the customer and United Airlines was immediately made the villain and criticized. They suffered a smear that will forever be on their reputation. As a business you can face a multitude of problems from not having a high ethical standard. It can be from the consumers, the employees, or the government itself that comes calling and can tear you down if the offense is big enough. There shouldn't be a problem with having good moral practices anyways because when your employees are happy and the work environment is healthy as a business you should experience regular growth and productivity.


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