Privacy for Celebrities Essay Example

The 4th amendment to The Constitution of United States of America implies that “The right of people to be secure in their persons, houses, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated” which indicates that celebrities do have the same equal rights to privacy just as we do. Celebrities should have the right to direct what type of information is revealed to the media and how that information is used. When the media releases information without their approval it should be considered a crime being that it is against the law to violate one’s 4th Amendment right. The lack of privacy that celebrities have reduces social freedom and can not grow without privacy and the space to be able to think clearly. 

Other amendments and laws enforce that privacy is promised to every American citizen according to the Bill of rights, Just because a person is famous does not mean they lose their right to privacy, most of the celebrities need privacy to function and deal with their own problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, family issues, or other mental health issues. However even though they are celebrities they are promised the same rights as we the people are promised, and deserve no more or less freedom of privacy as we do , they are still human beings and need to maintain their mental health, physical health, families and business. Even though the Constitution declares that all people are to have the equal amount of rights, celebrities are treated as if they have to give up their privacy because they are famous. 

Although it's no secret that celebs have a difficult time dealing with the invasion of the media, tabloids, press and paparazzi, most celebs handle these  problems by simply addressing the issues. Paparazzi are a big issue for celebrities, because they have a lack of respect for the celebs privacy and are very invasive of the celebrities lives. Paparazzi take photos of celebrities because they are public figures and attract the media attention, to draw the media's attention they take pictures of celebrities and sell them in hope of a compensation or recognition. Some celebs argue that there should be a law to protect the rights of celebrities privacy, such as Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence stated how much the paparazzi would harass her and how she felt anxiety and stress knowing that there were probably going to be 10 men at her front door when she would go to open it, she also stated that media outlets don't have any sympathy for celebrities and many celebrities are upset about that. She stated in an interview that “nobody wants to help us it seems like you know- shut up your a millionaire”. 

Jennifer lawrence had some problems with the media herself, just recently her computer was hacked by a hacker and her private photos were stolen and leaked, she also noted how she had to deal with paparazzi and the tabloids bashing her about the photos. She explained how it would make her scared and very uneasy to see that paparazzi were at her door she also described  that she had to deal with the reality that she knew paparazzi were always going to be in her life. Jennifer's main goal is to make a law that protects celebrities from the violations and invasions of privacy, she states “make illegal to buy non-consensual photos¨ any non- consensual photo or videos taken by the paparazzi that was not given permission by the celebrity should be copyrighted and the paparazzo/paparazzi could be sued if the celebrity decides to take action.



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