Prioritizing The Types of Health in My Life Essay Example

Intellectual health right now in my life is prioritized first due to the fact I am in the middle of my college career. School has always been important to me; I do my schoolwork on time and aim for high grades and take pride in that. In order to achieve high grades and dean list I need to be thinking clearly and “use brainpower effectively to meet life’s challenges” and challenge myself when it comes to new classes. Every day I learn something new, there have been times where I don’t receive the grades, I wanted but I have learned from my mistakes such as not studying as much as a I should have. I enjoy learning and using my brainpower to come up with new ideas and how I can improve my skills in life. 

Emotional health is second ranked because without a healthy mind or appropriate emotions I wouldn’t be able to do my schoolwork or think clearly sometimes. I used to be hard on myself when I do badly at something but I have learned to accept that I have tried my best and  I will try harder next time. Having good emotional health includes having a positive attitude which can be hard to do when things don’t go as planned. I am still trying to learn that I can’t control everything and how to deal with those emotions such as expressing frustration to someone who I can trust to talk to. I feel as if I have gained a lot of self-confidence in myself over the years knowing that I trust myself in my future decisions when it comes to life.

Social health is becoming more prevalent in my life when it comes time to market myself to find a professional job and make connections with employers. I have gained assertive skills which haven’t been easy because I consider myself an introvert and have a hard time creating lasting friendships. I am improving my social health daily by creating better relationships with friends, family, and future employers that I may be working for soon.

Physical health can be a struggle for anyone especially with what people consider social norms. This dimension is important to me but isn’t as highly ranked because I’m trying to accept my body and work on being physically fit which I know can take time. I do want to start working out daily whether that be at the gym or home, but at times I don’t motivation to complete a full workout.

Environmental health is ranked lower than I would like it to be, I don’t contribute a major part in being environmentally friendly and I wish I did more. I have changed small things in my life such as using a washable makeup cloth, recycling (plastic, cans and cardboard), and carrying around a metal water bottle. I’ve been told my generation is the one that will decide the future of our Earth’s health and it’s now or never to do something about it.

Personal health promotion is the ranked towards the end because I don’t know as much about disease prevention and correct/current health facts. I am enrolled in this class to learn more about health overall for myself and for others. I do my small part in protecting myself from disease/illness by getting my yearly shots, checkups, and eating in a somewhat healthy manner.

Lastly spiritual health is ranked last because I don’t have a strong presence in a religion. Even though I am Catholic and went to a private school for 12 years I don’t go to church or practice any religion. As of right now I’m not looking to become stronger in my faith but I do believe that there may be a higher power somewhere whether that be heaven or not.

Becoming more sustainable is the behavior I would most like to change over this semester because our Earth is rapidly changing from the climate to human beings being destructive. I would like to change my view on how I am affecting the Earth and what it be do in the future if I don’t change my ways. I want to start using reusable/washable paper towels, stop buying one time use plastic, reduce my water usage, and use a cloth tote at the grocery store. I decided to change this behavior because almost daily I see devasting videos and pictures of sea animals being trapped in plastic and how much trash there is piling up everywhere because it takes years for certain items to break down into the ground. My family influences me to recycle more and be as sustainable as possible because they strict about what is recycle and not using plastic bags. Lastly, I want to change because as a I stated before I have been told my generation is the one that will either change or destroy our future Earth.


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