A Presidential Election Essay Example

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  • Published: 17 March 2021
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The upcoming election has made me become more interested and aware of what each president is campaigning for because I am able to vote this year. Some of the steps I can take to practice civility are to respect other opinions, stay away from personal attacks on others, take time to learn about each candidate from more than one source.

Respecting other people’s opinions is one step I can take to practice civility and responsible membership in the Misericordia community because you don’t need to argue about someone’s opinion just because you disagree with it. You don’t always have to agree with someone’s opinion. We should be respectful of others opinions because others have thoughts and beliefs and also experiences that lead them to their opinion. Politics can be a heated subjective to talk about for all ages. Respecting their opinion doesn’t mean you have to agree with theirs.

Another step I can take is staying away from personal attacks because getting all personal about politics can make me and others both upset and will not help the conversation go any further. Personal attacks don’t allow for any positive outcome in the conversation possibly allowing for negative outcomes. An additional step I can take is to learn about each candidate from more than one source because by learning from more than one source I can gain a better understanding of each candidate and so I’m not only reading from sources that are biased towards one candidate over the other. 



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