The Power of Music Essay Example

Everyone has heard music but, not everyone knows how powerful music truly is and how big of a role it plays in peoples lives. Music can do so many things from influence peoples mood to helping people express themselves. Music and its roles are worldwide and because of that all of its effects are worldwide too so, it is important to know the role music plays in peoples lives so they can better understand the effects it could have on them in their day to day life. Music can effect a persons creativity, music can also affect how a person learns and can help them learn and help them gain skills they need in life, not only that but music can also effect peoples mood throughout their day.

Music for creativity

Music can influence a persons creativity by helping them be more creative in their lives. No matter what people do in their lives it will require some creativity. Music can help people find the creativity they didn’t even know they had and help them be more creative on whatever they are working on. In source 2, “What Role Does Music Play in Our lives?”, by Catherine, it states in paragraph 4, “It helps you in improving your mind vigorously by making it more artistic and ingenious.”. This means that music helps people improve their mind by making them think about things in a different way, a more creative way.

Music also help people improve the ideas they already have, making them just a little more artistic. Music can also help people be creative when what they are doing is boring. In source 3, “The Powerful Role of Music in Society”, by Susan Hallam, in paragraph 6, it says, “The increased availability of music seems to be encouraging people to use music to manipulate their own moods, reduce stress, alleviate boredom while undertaking tedious or repetitive tasks, and create environments appropriate for particular kinds of social occasion.”. This means that music can help people create a creative environment for social occasions, that need creativity in them. Music can help people take a boring situation and turn it into a creative and enjoyable time.

This can help improve and enhance the quality of their lives. In source 1, “Why Music Is So Important To Our Culture”, by Alexis Thomas, in paragraph 10 (bullet point number 9) it says, “It can help our performance while doing physical activities.”. This shows that when people are working on something and are not inspired, music and help them by improving their performance therefore allowing them to be more creative. Music can help people be more creative and help them improve their work in any situation, even in a learning environment.

Music for learning and life skills

Music has also been shown to help kids in their learning and life skills. Studies have shown that music can help children improve their learning by helping them memorize important things in school. Music has also been shown to help kids with their motor and communication skills in life. In source 2 it says “Music is an extremely unique way to develop the capability of memorizing.”(Catherine 7). For example when learning children are more likely to remember a song than to remember what they are learning. However when music is incorporated into learning children are able to learn and remember what they are being taught. In source 3 it states “Early interactions between a mother and  child have an essentially musical quality which assists in the development of communication skills.” (Hallam 5). This shows that music can help improve the extremely important life skill, communication.

This is very important because you will need these skills your whole life as well as the things you learn in school. Music can also help people with their motor skills. According to source 1, it states “Kids who have had three years of experience playing an instrument showed improved fine motor skills.” (Thomas 9). This shows that any type of interaction with music can help people in many ways. The benefits of music help people obtain the basic skills they need to be successful both in school and in life. Music helps everyone learn and, enjoy learning with music, because music can also help improve peoples moods.

Music for mood

Music can also help improve peoples mood throughout their day. Music can make people happier and lift us up them. Music can also help people feel better when they are sad and help them get through tough times in their lives. in source 1, it says “Music can uplift our mood and make us happier, especially when we focus on the experience of it.” (Thomas 2). When people listen to positive music they can improve their mood and feel happier throughout their day. People also use music as a way to express themselves and use music to reflect how they are feeling. In source 2, it says “When you play some instrument, then you usually play the music that reflects our thoughts or emotions.” (Catherine 6).

This can help people express their feelings  and help get any emotions they may have, and help them feel better. Music can also be used as a therapy and can help many people feel better in any situation they may be in. In source 3, it says “The power of music to act therapeutically has also long been recognized.” (Hallam 4). Music can help many people who may need a way to improve their mental state, music can help them do that. Music has many roles in peoples lives including helping them improve their mood.

Music is incredibly powerful and can have many positive effects on peoples daily lives. Music can help people in so many different ways and can help people everywhere, everyday. Everyone has heard music but may not have realized the effects it had on their life. Music has many roles in peoples lives and some many people use music to find inspiration, to help the, learn and to help them improve their mood.



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