The Positive Impact of Renaissance Essay Example

The Positive Impact of Renaissance Essay Example
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📌Published: 12 May 2021

The Renaissance changed everyone's view of the world in three different ways. Art, reason & science, and embracing this life. All these ways helped people show their skills and become famous like Raphael, Michelangelo, and William Shakespeare. These people all were from the Renaissance. From 410-1350 CE, European culture was dominated by the Catholic church. The renaissance began in 1350 CE and dominated people's mind and the way they started to think. How did the Renaissance change man's perspectives on the world with a movement of humanism to help it on its way? There are three important reasons why a man's view of the world changed. Individuality, reason & science, and embrace this life.

Individuality was a very important thing that happened to people during the Renaissance. It helped people get away from the clamps of the Catholic church and move on their own and find out their own answers to their questions. Mona Lisa is a good example of a way that people started to use individuality. The Mona Lisa was a very important step in the Renaissance because the artist did not use the normal way of making a painting, he used 3D to make it look like it just goes on forever.  The reason that the Mona Lisa is important is that normal art is flat and have some kind of Catholic tie between them. Now that people are using 3D to make it look more realistic. people are now making their own artwork of many different things without the Catholic tie in it.

Reason & science are two of the most important reason why the Renaissance was a thing in the first place. Reason gave people ways to find out their own answer to their problem. Science gave them a way to figure out the problem and create new inventions. For example, people believed that the constellation of stars called Aries the Ram controlled the head. Now that people are starting to ask questions they started to say that it is bull crap and wanted to see how it really worked. So they would dissect a dead human body and see how it worked and told everyone. So after people saw this they wanted to see what else is unreasonable and see if they can find a real reason. 

Embrace this life was a final pull to get away from the Catholic church, people started to write about life and how they have to enjoy it before it was too late. Since more and more people are using art to express themselves people started to wonder if they can express themselves through words. So people started to write.“Ye [man] think sin in the beginning full sweet, Which in the end causeth thy soul to weep When the body lieth in clay. Here shall you see how fellowship and jollity, Both strength, pleasure, and beauty, Will fade from thee as flower in May. For ye shall hear, how our Heaven-King  Calleth Everyman to a general reckoning:*  *Judgment Day Give audience and hear what he doth say.”This is a line from William Shakespeare and it represents how as we are getting older we are getting more and more scared of what will happen to us when we die. So now that people are now writing about living people are getting more and more creative in the way that they will portray it to the world.

So now that you have seen how the three reasons way the renaissances was a very important event, I want you to think about "How would the world be impacted if we had never broken away from the Catholic church and hadn't discovered all of this?


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