Pollution's Effects on Animals Essay Sample

Pollution's Effects on Animals Essay Sample
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📌Published: 20 September 2021

Animals die every day because of pollution. Do you pollute? Do you want animals to die? John Therry Catholic College has rubbish everywhere and has nowhere near as many bins that there should be. Things need to change. There needs to be more bins around the school. There are many animals around the school such as birds, cats and reptiles that have easy access to the rubbish which could possibly kill them. Not only is it about animals but the air that students breathe in can be polluted and the school just looks dirty and unclean with rubbish everywhere which can give the school a bad reputation which is terrible considering John Therry is such a beautiful place. It is important as a Catholic school to keep our environment clean because that is what God/Jesus wanted us to do when he told Adam and Eve to look after his land. As a school community it is important to keep our environment clean which is why we should have more bins around the school and people at lunch picking up rubbish that doesn't end up in the bin. It's disgusting the amount of garbage left around John Therry which is affecting both humans and animals. It is really not that hard to pick up rubbish and put it in the bin. Plastic usage is a big challenge that needs to be overcome.

Plastic kills animals on land and in water. Plastic usage is a terrible problem that needs to stop or at least be reduced. It is slowly building up in the Ocean as well as on land which is horrible for both animals and humans. Data shows that around 100,000 mammals die every year because of plastic and 4.2 million people die a year because of air pollution. There are different types of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution. All of these different types of pollution can be caused because of plastic. Air pollution causes a mountain of problems such as making hole appear in the ozone layer which causes climate change and can give people sicknesses from the air they breathe in. Water pollution kills animals because they think plastic is food, water pollution can also cause sicknesses because the water is dirty. Land pollution can cause lack of crop growth because of the bad soil and chemical air, and again causes animals to die and people get sick. There are many different graphs, tables and evidence about plastic usage.

Would you reduce your plastic usage to save the environment? Would you reduce your plastic usage to save animals? Would you reduce your plastic usage to save future generations of humans? Plastic usage needs to be reduced. There are many ways you can stop using a large amount of plastic, for example you can avoid single use plastic straws, bring a reusable/cloth bag when you go shopping, buy more items in bulk to reduce the amount of plastic packaging, reduce plastic containers, use a reusable drink bottle/coffee cup, don't use plastic cutlery if possible and use refillable bottles and packaging. John Therry will benefit from reducing plastic waste because it will be better for the environment, animals and humans health and better for the school's reputation and cleanliness. My examples of ways to reduce plastic waste fit in with our Catholic school beliefs and identity because reducing waste will better the school's environment and help take care of the environment more which is what God/Jesus wanted and told us to do. All of these examples put together should be more than a good reason to better John Therry.

Therefore, it is evident that pollution at John Therry Catholic College has to reduce the amount of rubbish around the place. Reducing the amount of plastic at school and putting more bins around the school is an extremely good idea and a very good way to get students to follow in the Catholic footsteps and beliefs of our school. Everyone knows that pollution is a huge environmental issue that needs to be talked about and acted on more. That is why my ideas should be acted on or at least talked more about. If you had the choice to help the environment would you Mr. Marshall?

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