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Adults tend to go through a multitude of physical changes during adulthood. These changes are age-related experiences based on a few circumstances. From childhood to adulthood, some major life changes such as relocation, changes in living arrangements, academic and employment status and new social roles take a toll on a person (Corder K.,..2019). When thinking about physical changes during adulthood, some think it is talking about exercising. Yet, there are other physical changes the body goes through while getting older. Including primary aging, changes in the outward appearance, bodily systems, and individual differences. 

Primary Aging

To begin with, primary aging consists of gradual, inevitable changes most adults will encounter (Bjorklund, 2016). According to the textbook, there is no explanation to why aging takes place. However, some biologists made theories and came up with a couple of reasons like Oxidative Damage and Caloric Restrictions. 

Oxidative damage

Oxidative damage is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants presented in the body. Free radicals are molecules or atoms that possess an unpaired electron; by-products of cell metabolism (Bjorklund, 2016). Whenever these molecules enter damaging chemicals it makes it difficult for the body to repair as the repair function declines with age. On the other hand, there are substances that can protect against oxidative damage and that is antioxidants. Antioxidants are vitamins such as Vitamin E and C, coenzyme Q10, beta-carotene, and creatine (Bjorklund, 2016)

Caloric Restrictions

Caloric restriction is a diet in which calories are severely reduced (Bjorklund, 2016). Whenever the calories are not where they need to be and are either too high or too low the body will start to go downhill. 

Outward Appearance

Physical changes begin in early adulthood, showing changes in the outer appearance. The body starts to deteriorate itself, breaking down little by little. Wrinkles start to set in, and the skin begins to droop losing its elasticity. Exercising tends to decline as a person reaches middle to late adulthood. By not exercising daily has a major effect on a person’s body and not in a good way either. For example, one major disease mostly seen in adults is Obesity. Obesity is caused by the onset of elevated blood pressure, insulin resistance, and dyslipidemia (Litwin, 2014). 

Bodily Systems

These changes have a dramatic effect on one’s interior. Each body consists of many systems. The systems the body obtains helps it properly function. Fighting against diseases and anything that enters the body. For example, the Cardiovascular and Respiratory as well as, the Immune System will become affected as age draws near.

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

The Cardiovascular System is made up of blood vessels and the heart. Making it a major part of the body. This system functions in unison as the blood vessels transport blood throughout the body, leading to the heart and back again. While the Respiratory system is the muscles and lungs that help with breathing. Without the proper function of this system, it would be difficult for anyone to live. A body needs to be able to breath in the air to stay alive. 

Immune System

The immune system is another affected by physical changes. Mostly because it helps protect the body throughout life by keeping foreign substances out. The immune system helps fight against viruses and bacteria. Without proper care for the immune system major organs can become infected and fail. 

Individual Differences

Individual Differences are the differences between age groups. Depending on a person’s age will help determine what physical changes the come across while aging. There is a reason why each person is labeled into a group depending on their age. There are a few factors involved like Genetics and Lifestyle. Each plays a role in what happens to a person’s body as they tend to enter the later stages of adulthood.


According to the textbook, one study indicated a person’s life is moderately heritable (Bjorklund, 2016). Stating that a person lives by learning and adapting to what they were taught growing up by the child’s guardian. Taking what they learned as a child follows them as they grow old. For example, if a person’s parents do not exercise or take care of themselves properly. More than likely neither will their children. Parents are the leading example of a child’s life and how they are around the child is how the children will turn out.


Lastly, the way a person lives will dictate the physical changes during adulthood. This involves exercises, diet, tobacco use and drugs. Whenever a person partakes in drugs and alcohol it tears the body apart. Killing brain cells as well as, making them age quicker. 


To sum it up, primary aging, changes in the outward appearance, and bodily systems are affected as aging occurs. There are some ways that can help present a positive outcome of the physical changes rather than a negative one. As mentioned, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, and avoiding things that will harm the body will have a positive effect on the physical changes. A person who stays up on their health can avoid major diseases and life-threatening occurrences.



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