Persuasive Essay on Nursing Sigma Theta Tau International

Persuasive Essay on Nursing Sigma Theta Tau International
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📌Published: 22 May 2021

The strong vision that the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, strives to model, is advancing world health as well as celebrating nursing excellence through nurses succeeding in the areas of scholarship, leadership, and service. Succeeding in these three categories contributes to individuals becoming strong, well-rounded nurses. Having already excelled and continuing to strive to excel in these three categories, I believe that I have and will continue to contribute to nursing excellence through the acts of scholarship, leadership, and service. These three categories are crucial to be a well-rounded and successful nurse, both characteristics that I intend to incorporate into my career as a registered nurse.

Striving to succeed in scholarship for me started long before I was accepted into Bethel’s nursing program. I believe that is why I have had success in being able to adapt to the difficult level of nursing school. Because I have always worked so hard to excel in scholarship, education, and learning new skills, the push to be successful in acts of scholarship has never been difficult for me. In the nursing profession, continued education and the drive to want to always be improving are what sets great nurses apart from good nurses. I believe that no nurse should ever stop working towards furthering their knowledge and expanding on their expertise. The nursing profession is guided by evidence-based practice and research. By continuing to further my knowledge, not only will I improve my own nursing skills and judgment, but I will in turn strengthen the nursing community by influencing other nurses to do the same. Because one of the main goals of nursing should be to provide patient-centered care and to improve patient satisfaction, we as nurses must continually strive to grow in wisdom and experience so that we can provide the best patient-centered care possible. We must learn how to improve ourselves, our units, our hospitals, and our profession as a whole. By obtaining more knowledge, we can also better educate our patients by using the evidence-based results that we find. Patient education is a huge factor in providing ample care to our patients and in order to educate others, we must be well educated first. One of the main ways that I plan to further my knowledge as a nurse and grow in my skills is by going back to school to become a certified nurse midwife. By furthering my knowledge in this area, I will be able to better practice, perform and educate in the field of obstetrics. By returning to school to gain more knowledge, I will re-enter the nursing field with higher education, more knowledge, and the ability to better care for pregnant women before, during, and after labor and delivery. With the birth of a child being one of the most special times in a mother’s life, I wish to contribute to each women’s experience through not only my superior hands-on nursing skills but through therapeutic communication, compassion, and by assisting each woman in their individual pregnancy and labor and delivery experience. 

One of the main goals of a nurse leader should be to motivate others to work together in pursuit of a shared goal. In order to be an efficient leader, one must portray qualities of reliability, initiative, self-control, and the ability to communicate well with others. These characteristics will be useful in uniting your group or unit as one to reach your established goals. Today, health care is an extremely fast-paced and ever-changing environment. We need good quality leaders in the health care field and specifically in the nursing field to be able to excel in providing adequate patient-centered care. Being able to properly lead does not just affect the rest of your nursing staff and patients either, nurses must be able to lead in a way that also unites all other team members. These members may be doctors, aides, PAs, NPs, or even patient family members. Every team member must be working towards that same established goal for each patient in order for that patient’s health to improve. As previously stated, both resilient teamwork and thorough communication are crucial in providing the greatest quality of patient care. Knowing these things, I am going to strive to be the kind of leader that I would want to have when I enter the workforce. I plan on working my way up to becoming an official nurse leader, charge nurse, and/or preceptor. Until then, I will be an informal leader but still act in the same encouraging, passionate, and professional manner. I believe that good nurse leaders act in a way that makes the other staff enjoy their work as well as have full trust in one another. That is another reason why I plan on striving to be a strong nurse leader because good, hard work is contagious. I am also very good at organizing my patients’ care and prioritizing my actions based on each patient’s needs which is crucial to being an excellent nurse and an outstanding nurse leader. As stated, I plan to use my strong characteristics to control my own nursing path as well as to positively inspire those around me to act in a similar way.

As a nurse, one should not only live to improve the lives of the patients that you care for while working in the hospital. There are so many more opportunities to show compassion for your community and the members of your community. One of the main ways that I enjoy providing acts of service to my community and other communities is through the act of volunteer work. Whether it be health care related or not, I believe that as a nurse, we are born to help those in need, no matter what that need is. Some of my most recent acts of service include organizing donations for the pediatric unit at Memorial Hospital, interacting with the residents at Ironwood Nursing Home in South Bend, participating in environmental clean-up at the Riverwalk in South Bend, preparing food boxes at Feed the Children, restoring, painting, and cleaning at the YWCA in South Bend, and replanting McKinley Elementary’s garden in South Bend. All of these acts of service were done in order to help my community grow in a positively, improve other’s lives, and show compassion to those around me. In the future, I will continue to search for volunteer activities and acts of community service to help and give back to my community. By continuing to show acts of service, I will maintain the ability to grow in my life skills of kindheartedness, devotion, generosity, initiative, and supportiveness. By improving in these skills, I can be better prepared to bring all these life skills to the bedside to help my patients when they need it the most.  

The mission of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, is advancing world health and celebrating nursing excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service. Sigma Theta Tau International's vision is to be the global organization of choice for nursing. Choosing to become a stronger nurse and positively influence other nurses around me to do the same fits perfectly in line with Sigma Theta Tau’s mission and vision. The topics of scholarship, leadership, and service leave so much room for each nurse to excel in their way. That is why the vision of Sigma Theta Tau is so wonderful. I strive to be a successful nurse by excelling in and contributing to the ways that Sigma Theta Tau invasions nurses to act.

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