Personality Test Essay Example. My Personality Type

Personality Test Essay Example. My Personality Type
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It is absurd how shockingly accurate the Myers-Briggs Personality Test was. My results indicated that I’m an ENFJ. After discovering my results, I wholeheartedly believe that I emanate the personality entailed in my results. In the conception of this essay, I found it difficult to translate my personality type into a personal experience I have had. My personality type has helped me understand who I am as a person as well as who I hope to be through a variety of memories and experiences I have had throughout my life. 

Before I get into the bulk of this essay, I find it obligatory to explain what my acronym is and what it means to me. ENFJ stands for Extraverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Judging. To simplify it means that I have extraverted feelings with introverted intuition. They are described as people focused individuals with extraordinary people skills. They value others' needs above their own. A hindrance is that they struggle to accept criticism and take it personally. Going along with this weakness, they also need approval from others to feel valued as individuals. I believe that I inhibit almost all of the traits that go with being an ENFJ.

The first letter, E, stands for Extraversion. This entails where I as well as countless other extraverts get their “energy” from. Extraverts get their energy from social interaction with other people, generally being more expressive with our actions. They are also inclined to talk out problems rather than think them through.

The second letter, N, stands for iNtuitive. This implies that I use information in a more imaginative sense. It also means I approach situations looking at the bigger picture. ENFJs despise dealing with problems with impersonal reasoning. Introverted Intuition also implies that ENFJs have an enhanced feeling of connection and find it easier to empathize with others. This inturn makes us receptive to people’s emotions and motives. 

The third letter, F, stands for Feeling. It describes how we make decisions. ENFJs strive for win-win situations and attempt to make sure everyone’s needs are met. They value harmony and feelings above all else. This leads them to be generally described as affectionate and affirming.

The final letter, J, stands for Judging. This means we enjoy closure and prefer to act with structure as well as in a controlled fashion. Simply put, they prefer when things go according to plan rather than act spontaneously.

The brief description I gave for each letter doesn’t even touch how deep each one goes into forming my character and who I am as a person. Each one has their own strengths and weaknesses that define my personality type. The acronym of letters creates a character map of me but only I determine what type of person I am.

In the writing of this essay, I was tasked with telling a story that conveys how I portray the ENFJ personality type. I pondered on this for hours; it was easy to think of examples of how I displayed a portion of the letters but not the rest. Thinking of a story that shows all the components was a different obstacle all together. I believe an experience that happened to me recently and others can relate to is the perfect one to share. It displays how I encompass all the parts that make an ENFJ as well as share a relatable experience most have gone through: a break up. To clarify, I’m not going to use this as an outlet to vent or share negative feelings but because I believe it fits the criteria aforementioned. (If it isn’t obvious, I won’t be using anyone’s name but only be referring to them using pronouns)

This girl and I had been going out for a while, relatively speaking. Only the lucky ones have lasting relationships for the duration of high school (or maybe I’m just unlucky). She was a sweet girl, but not one I envisioned myself with for the rest of my life. My phase of infatuation with her had come to an end alas I was presented with one of the hardest decisions of my short life. A thing I struggle with consistently is confrontation. It irks me the most out of every situation and this time it was paired with my guilty conscience. The last thing I intended to do going in was hurt anyone and every time I do, it engulfs me in a feeling of shame. I consulted close friends, anyone who would listen but it didn’t make my decision easier. I attempted to find a way to express my feelings that wouldn’t cause distraught or hurt. I believe that everyone who enters our lives is there to help us grow, whether or not that person is good or bad for us. She definitely fell on the good side, so I was also unsure if this was something I wanted. In the end, I decided it was for the best.

In conclusion, my personality type has helped me understand who I am as a person as well as who I hope to be through a variety of memories and experiences I have had throughout my life. After learning about my personality type, it helped me understand why I struggle to make decisions like the one described in my recent experience that displays my ENFJ tendencies. It also describes how I act in my day-to-day life. I believe that personality tests such as the scarily accurate Myer-Briggs Personality Indicator shouldn’t be used to define us but should be used to help us understand why we act the way we do.


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