Personal Narrative Essay: The Importance of Faith in My Life

Many elements of the world are impossible to see to the human eye; different parts of our intricate world are unable to be seen unless looked at under a new lens. Scientists do it all the time. They take something that otherwise is unnoticeable and look at it in a new light-literally. As they squint through the lens that magnifies the specimen before them, they are amazed at the sight that is happening right below their eyes, and before, right under their noses. Bacteria come to life, cell walls are shown, the DNA strands are apparent. Something that once was unable to be perceived, is now evident to them. Something so vital to the makeup of the specimen is displayed. Similar to science, a lot of the time people don’t always notice what makes up a person. They just pay attention to the superficials or don’t understand the importance of a trait. The traits that go unnoticed aren’t nonexistent, they just beg to be further explored. The bacteria of my life, the part that if not magnified goes unnoticed, yet is very important to the structure of my life, is my faith.

My faith is important to me because it is the backbone to many of the things I live by. For example, I don’t curse. I speak in a way that is clean and doesn’t use many phrases that are popular; especially with my age group. I’ve been taught that swearing isn’t right and doesn’t portray a Christ-like life. Many times, friends will tell me that it’s weird or ask me why I don’t swear. To this question, I explain that I try to imitate Christ in all aspects of my life. Everything that I do is to live more like Him. Popular responses to this are a nose scrunch, a confused gaze, or all the popular “well if you don’t sin, Jesus died for nothing.”All of which makes me annoyed. Sometimes, when people ask about it further, I bring in certain verses that explain my reasoning and go more in-depth and by then they get bored or just decide to change the topic. These responses sometimes prompt me to not bring up the reasonings as much. This is why my faith might seem unnoticeable, yet is still important.

Another reason as to why my faith is important is that it is many times the only thing I have to run back to. In life, people will face trials and tribulations. Many of which I face every day. When my anxiety kicks in, I have a really bad day, or the trust I thought I had in a person ceases, I always can turn to God and “cast all my worries on Him.” Having that relationship with Him is important to me and helps me a great deal. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about my faith. Whenever things go wrong or I don’t understand anything, it is always nice to have a rock that always stays in place and doesn’t change. Although I know, I have an active relationship. Many others don’t perceive that right away, which is why it can go unnoticed at times.

Just like scientists can’t always determine every facet of a certain material unless they look closer, many times, the importance of another's life goes unnoticed: if not examined further. My importance is my faith because every decision I make is based on it and it is one of the only things I have to always run back to. Other's “DNA Strands” could be a mental illness that they suffer with, an activity they enjoy, or even just something small. People's perception of others is oftentimes superficial, which can lead to misinterpretation of a being. So in order to accommodate every part of a person, we need to look into them further. We need to bring out the microscopes. We need to look at people from a different lens.


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