Personal Narrative Essay: My Ideal Life in 15 Years

My ideal life in 15 years would include a happy relationship, being a home owner, have an educational degree, and hold a well positioned job. Even though i will be 35 i want to lead a healthy, active life style. Over the course of these years there are sone things i can do to achieve these goals. 

All though i am currently in a relationship i would like to maintain it through the years. Some ways i can do that is one: communication. Talking things out is the best way for people to find out how the other one is feeling. Two: dates; according to relationship experts, going on dates helps the couple get time with just each other in new environments. Spending quality time with one another in a different setting rather than being at home helps a person see their significant other in new ways. Couples can get bored once a routine is set so adding a little spontaneity he's a good aspect to keep happiness. Three: honesty, if you aren't things can go awry quick. Being honest or telling your partner things to make them happy is necessary in some situations. Use sound judgment when deciding which scenarios require which. 

My cute house that partner and I own, a place we can call our own. To do so we would need to decide our budget, start saving back money, and keep a keen eye on the housing market. At the moment buying house seems impractical as the markets arent very good. But we are talking about my future. There will be better buying times then. 

In 15 years I would like to have gotten high school equivalency degree. I guess you just go by studying hard and working harder. I will start a study plan, because subject, and stick to it until I am ready on test day.

I would like to have a nice job. I will need to get at least one degree before I can get a real job, I will also need a reliable transportation. But in doing so I will need money to pay for a vehicle to get to work. I will also have to get an ID or a license to legally drive and apply to jobs.

I want to live a healthy active lifestyle. And by the time I'm 35 I don't feel like I'm dying when I get out of bed in the morning. I'll need to say a kiss my body stays used to being used and not get into a swamp of sedentary weakness. Eating a balanced diet also contributes to healthy body. 

Deciding and developing these habits will cement them into my routine and will continue to help me reach the goals I've set for myself. I've never really put much thought into this but I hope I can reach my perfect life in the years to come. Ill have to start some time why not today?


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