Personal Narrative Essay about Regrets

Regret is the emotion of wishing one had made a different decision because the     consequence of the decision was unfavorable. I've felt the emotion of regret many times have you?    

Regret is a normal and common emotion everyone has when making decisions. No matter whether you sit back and think before making a decision or just jump to it, there's still an equal chance of you regretting your decision later. 

Nobody's perfect, everyone has once made a decision that made them feel a sort of shame, dissatisfaction, disappointment , and even maybe remorse because of past episodes. A past episode that constantly replays in my head and makes me so ashamed and disappointed in myself is the time in middle school me and my best friend were finally accepted in the big friend group with our other school mates . We were so excited it was like our middle school experience was finally going to happen. At times me and my best friend would see how the friend group would constantly mistreat others but we didn't speak up we just let it be but at one point there was no one really left for the friend group to mistreat so they started to turn on my bestfriend and it hurt to see them mistreat the girl that has been my side since day one and I've always had her back but this time it was different because I was so worried about me being bullied next So when my best friend had to suffer alone, I stood quietly.

Although my bestfriend and I are still friends and she always tells me it was fine that I didn't defend her and she says she forgives me every time I apologize for it, that doesn't change the fact that it happened. Looking back at it now there are so many things I could have done to help her. One thing that i shouldve have done was be less selfless. I was too worried about myself being mistreated by the friend group. I turned my back when my friend needed me the most. If I would have just defended her yes i would have gotten mistreated too but at least she wouldn't have been alone. 

I've definitely grown a lot since then and it's now more rare if I'm sitting back while something wrong is happening right in front of me. From that episode I definitely learned to speak up for what's right instead of agreeing with the bad things others were doing. Just the way I turned my back on my best friend just for others validation and so that I wouldn't get mistreated too just makes me feel such shame now. I will never not forget this and I know she won't either but that's the way it is. Some regrets can be forgotten if they're simple and even if they're not simple it's fine because no matter what you do differently next time there's still a chance of you regretting it.

Yes, even though regret is an emotion that doesn't always feel too good and at times makes you feel disappointed in yourself at the end of the time regret helps us learn and it makes us realize we need to think carefully when making decisions and it helps us grow and learn from our mistakes.


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