A Perfect Day Essay Example: Monday

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  • Published: 13 April 2021
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Monday is the perfect day to answer so many opportunities, and get ahead at work. But most people, I included, can really get hung up on having to end the weekend, only to replace it with the slow grind of the workplace. What most Americans don’t realize however, is that Monday has the potential to not only be improved, but also improve the entire rest of the week as well.  

Mondays are notorious for being particularly demanding when people must ease into work. Returning to work from a rested weekend allows for more energy to be put towards a goal. Often, taking a break from a problem and returning to it increases a person’s problem-solving ability, as they get a new perspective on the issue. I can remember being in high school, in my Algebra 2 math class, and no matter how much I had tried to understand it, the lesson just wasn’t clicking for me. I chose to give up on the assignment and move on to my U.S. History assignment, which was a class I was very capable in, in fact I enjoyed it.

Once that was wrapped up, I decided I would take on more look at my Algebra work, and miraculously it made more sense the second time through. I was able to understand what the material was asking for and how to solve it. When people leave work on Friday after having a hard time solving an issue, they return on Monday with trepidation about addressing it. Monday is the best day to tackle big issues. Not only is there fresh energy from the weekend, but fresher perspectives after the mind has subconsciously worked at the problem. 

Monday is also great for another thing: planning. With a full view of upcoming events and objectives in the week ahead, Monday scheduling sessions are an effective way to decrease stress and increase productivity. Schedules are very good ways to manage stress and improve not only the mood of the day, but the week too. As a Firefighter for the Houston County Fire Department, I must maintain 230 hours of training every year. With a busy schedule involving holding down a job and completing college, I get worried I may not meet my standards.

Making a schedule to dictate how often and how long I am available for certain tasks has helped me drastically to manage my stress. I don’t have to worry about remembering to do anything, nor if I will get around to it. Scientific studies also show that most people suffer from something called decision fatigue. This is when someone becomes worn down throughout the day by repeatedly being required to make decisions. Monday is early in the week, when people have the most energy, thus being the perfect day for creating plans for the rest of the week to eliminate some of the decision making that causes decision fatigue. 

But I realized that to make Monday truly be the best day in the week, I had to adopt the right mindset. The only way to ward off the doom and gloom of a Monday morning is to accept it with a bright and positive attitude. I used to hate coming into work at Chick Fil A, I would wonder if anything at that job was important to me. It was hard to want to be happy from time to time. But there was one man there named Caleb Garner. He would always wear the biggest smile and would enthusiastically shout your name as soon as you stepped in the door.

He knew that the best way to make everyone feel better was through himself. His electrifying smile and persona would transform me into a much happier version of myself. He taught me that Monday was just a mindset. All you had to do was accept Monday was happening and be happy to be where I was with who I was with. We would get work done, and lots of it, and that progression felt really good. There was a snowball of motivation from completing a task, especially a daunting one. That feeling of accomplishment turned bigger the more daunting that tasks were. Eventually I adopted Caleb Garner’s enthusiasm and I chose to accomplish goals and help others to complete theirs with a positive mindset. Such productiveness was key to getting me noticed, and I had later received a promotion. I believe it was that determined mindset to let myself be happy and make others happy that had got me noticed.  

When I face a Monday looking at the coming week positively and productively, I feel unstoppable. Monday is the pivotal and most important day in the week.



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