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“The Other Side of the Sky,” by Farah Ahmedi, contains many central ideas, such as survival and helping others.  “The Other Side of the Sky,” is about Farah and her mother moving away from Afghanistan to get to Persia.  The two central ideas are inferred around the text.  I have chosen many examples of these central ideas throughout the story. 

In “The Other Side of the Sky,” it displays many examples of survival.  For example, the data in “The Other Side of the Sky” clearly states in paragraph 9, “But you have had two hard days. You will need some rest before you attempt this mountain crossing. Spend tonight here and sleep well, knowing that you will have nothing to do tomorrow except lounge around, rest, and catch your breath. Tomorrow, do not throw yourself against those border guards again. Let your only work be the gathering of your strength. Then tomorrow night we will all go over the mountain together.” 

This exemplifies survival by making the reader infer that the journey will be challenging and long. They are willing to take the expedition in order to get food, water, and shelter.  It also states in paragraph 2, “Again and again, the crowd surged toward the gate and the guards drove them back with their sticks and clubs, swinging and beating until the crowd receded. And after that, for the next few minutes, on our side of the border, people milled about and muttered and stoked their own impatience and worked up their rage, until gradually the crowd gathered strength and surged against that gate again, only to be swept back.”  This example verifies that the people are desperate to get through because they don’t want to stay outside. 

In “The Other Side of the Sky,” it presents numerous examples of ‘helping others’ throughout the text.  One example is in paragraph 13, where it states, “That Ghulam Ali was certainly a good man, so patient with us and so compassionate. He had never seen us before, and yet when he met us, he said, ‘I will help you.’”  This testifies that Ghulam Ali is very sympathetic because he was helping Farah and her mother get through the border.  Additionally, the author declares in paragraph 3, “We got caught up in the thinning rear end of crowd, and even so, we were part of each wave.”  This clarifies that “The Other Side of the Sky,” portrays many examples of helping others. This quote shows that Farah and her mother helped the crowd move forward even though they were in the back and didn’t do much. Taking everything into account, the two main central ideas of “The Other Side of the Sky” is survival and helping others.



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