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Virtual learning is something numerous individuals utilize out of convenience, accessibility, and learning style. As technology advances, the design of the classroom expands vastly and changes quickly and frequently; thus, adapting to technology is required by students, faculty, and staff. Furthermore, the characteristics of online learning can present many benefits, but present challenges for students too. For instance, if students do not understand how to turn in their assignments or understand the rubric this can diminish the chances of student achievement. To be more specific, vital information such as time management and online tips encourages the student’s ability and tools for success. In general, having resources, access to professors, and online modules that guide the student can enable their ability to accomplish their online courses. 


Learning online and being in the classroom require different mentalities and skills. Although, these two primarily stimulate similar experiences; the majority of the time, this exhibit a diverse set of challenges. For example, staying motivated to complete projects can present a challenge. The reason being that the majority of online assignments are independent causing lack of motivation.  According to Ocak and Uluyol (2010), “Because of students' interest and group work are equipped with a purpose, it is firm to intensify supplementary success in the tasks.” Student interaction can provide a connection to one another as well as the project at hand. 

This is a concern because the course thus far has limited interaction with other students. During other online classes I have taken, many of the classwork was group projects done through video chats, discussion boards, and emails. As a result, allowed me to form connections with other students and apply the abilities needed for the task. Nonetheless, working independently can create skills of self-reliance, discipline, and nurture work-oriented proficiency.

Another concern is time management. Many of the course I have taken, provided a schedule to complete assignments; however, it has been difficult due to my personal life and balancing it between work and school. Thus, the tendency of late projects occurs more frequently hurting my overall grade for the class. For that matter, it is crucial to prioritize certain aspects of life to flourish in this program. 


These resources are useful to a student because it can allow the process of learning and completing tasks easier. It is important to understand how to post assignments, communicate with other students and one’s professor, and where to find resources and rubrics. Having this knowledge can guarantee that the student is successful and the ability to interact. Interaction through the discussion board, video chats outside of class, and the webinars provided by Walden can create an atmosphere of connection and opportunities to network. This removes the concern of feeling disconnected from other students. 

Understanding how your course work is set up and how to interact with the tools of online learning can aid in the achievement of a student’s education. The first step is to set one’s priorities and building one’s schedule around it (Cook & Bergren, 2011). Subsequently, the student can balance out their time of work, socials, and school. Another important tool is having a daily checklist can set the standard of work and a reminder (Pappas, 2015). Not only that, it can deliver a sense of accomplishment when the assignment is completed providing satisfaction. Remembering to apply a study plan and sticking with it can offer an advantage of consistency, breaking the material down, and tracking tasks; in turn, eliminating the apprehension of time management.


Personally, staying motivated with limited interaction with others can be difficult. Without it, the feeling of lack of purpose when doing assignments becomes prominent. Due to the belief that to make an impact one must splurge in a variety of views, discussions, and projects. Nonetheless, utilizing the discussion board, emailing other students and the professor can aid in my connection and bring purpose to the coursework. For the reason is that I can communicate different perspectives, learn information from others, and understand their point-of-view. 

Likewise, time management can be difficult for an individual that has many components to their schedule. Knowing how to prioritize and schedule out time provides the student to accomplish all their goals with learning and life. Working part-time, having an infant, and schooling can be overwhelming and discouraging. However, utilizing these strategies can allow me to execute my coursework in a timely manner including having time for those that matter to me. For instance, having an effective calendar system, checking announcements, and maintaining a study plan can extinguish the feeling of being overwhelmed. Therefore, heartening to sustain a high motivation to conclude the program.

Online success can easily be acquired if a student understands and utilizes their resources. With a versatile toolbox and knowledge, the student can acquire information quickly, applying academic skills, and building a foundation of online culture.  Everything comes with limitations and challenges but recognizing them can allow the student to maneuver or adapt to what is necessary to be effective in their chosen education field.


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