Online Communication Versus Face to Face Communication Essay Example

Leaving home without our cell phones or avoiding using the web is unbelievable if not unbearable for a few of us. Most of the time our friends, family, relatives. and colleagues seem to expect to be able to contact us at any time, whether across town or across the globe. We are expected to check messages regularly and respond to text messages almost instantly. Of course we expect the same from them. We all want to be in touch with each other through digital devices. 

We live in a world where communication through modern technology is almost required as almost everyone has got their hands on it. Everywhere people are texting, emailing, writing blogs and using social media platforms etc.  Now it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing someone using a phone or the internet to keep in touch with others. For some people it’s unimaginable not being able to use a mobile phone for a week. Though we use our mobile technologies to stay in touch, sometimes this constant accessibility can be intrusive or even abusive. We can be distracted or annoyed by the volume of messages sent to us. Mobile phones have changed communication because now, instead of  having a face to face conversation, we text each other. This is bad because intent can become misinterpreted, which can lead to relationship problems.

How the message we get can determine many additional factors as to how the message is interpreted by the receiver. If it disputes our previous assumptions or interpretation of the situation, we may distort it in our mind so that it is made to fit our world view, or we may dismiss the information as deceptive, misguided, or simply wrong. For instance, if two individuals are associated with a contention, and they each accept that the other will be forceful and aggressive, at that point any normal message will be viewed as forceful and threatening, regardless of whether it was not meant to be that sense by any chance. How the message we get can decide numerous extra factors with respect to how the message is accepted by the recipient. 

Good communication is important because we need to be able to use communication devices for jobs, school work or to stay in touch with our near and dear ones. It made communication easier by helping people to contact those far away. Advancement in contact such as email, text messaging, and social media were all created to make our communication easier and more convenient. Friends and families across great distances can now more easily communicate face-to-face anytime they want.

Family members can more easily keep in touch throughout the day. It is not to say that communication devices are unnecessary due to their many negative aspects. It depends upon us whether we are using this technology for our progress and prosperity or for our destruction. There is no doubt, the mobile phone is the best innovation of this modern era, but people should use it in a positive sense.

We are also harming our face-to-face relationships, as we should also realize that for the most part, we are online with people with whom we also have face-to-face relationships. The closer we are to someone, the more likely we are able to interact in many ways, including communication technology. If we can’t reply it might lead to problems as well. For example, when our friend or child doesn’t immediately reply to our text or call, we tend to feel ignored, or in the case of parents, possibly panicked. 

We have turned into a public that is totally dependent on modern inventions to speak with others. It has turned out to be unthinkable for us to keep up our public and social activities without using a technological device. We use those devices to start, create and reinforce our connections, yet additionally to separate and harm them. We examine regular interests, give social help, express love, participate in casual chit chat, play amusements, share humor, offer offense, bother, outrage, and disregard our loved ones paying little mind to the method of correspondence we choose to use. So those modern devices not only created easier ways to communicate but also created some problems in our daily life.



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