One of the Most Popular Game - What is Fortnite Essay Example

One of the Most Popular Game - What is Fortnite Essay Example
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📌Published: 11 May 2021

When you think about Fortnite, what do you think of? Probably a kid turned zombie, staring at a screen shutting out the rest of the world for hours on end. Many people assume this is Fortnite, but sometimes this is not the case. In the article, “Should Alicia Give Up Fortnite”, Jeremy states his case. Jeremy thinks that his friend Alicia should give up Fortnite because it's negatively affecting her. Alicia disagrees and believes that the benefits of Fortnite outweigh the drawbacks and that she should keep playing. In my opinion Alicia should not stop playing Fortnite.

There are many, many reasons why Alicia should keep playing Fortnite! One is Fortnite brings people together. Using Fortnite Alicia said she made friends with people she would of never have been friends with, especially in her school. Teamwork in the game is a helpful skill to have because playing the game can help improve valuable skills. For example, coordination, concentration, teamwork, quick thinking, and memory. Other video games also can make you develop these helpful skills. Alicia says,” When I play with friends, we have to coordinate locations, search for supplies, and build structures to help each other survive. This requires communication, strategy, and creativity.”

Even though Fortnite is addictive it's not as addictive than social media or phones. People don't single out social media and smartphones so why single out Fortnite? The reason is it's a video game. Same as other video games get singled out because it's a game. Other games on phones are just as addictive but don't get recognized.

Even though Fortnite can be addictive, lots of times that's not the case. Alicia (if she is addicted) can set a timer or stop at 3 games, or she can only play until dinner. There are many reasons why Alicia should play Fortnite like how it brings people together, helps develop valuable skills, and how it's as addictive as social media and smartphones. What do you think, should Alicia play Fortnite.


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