The Obstacles Jews Faced in the United States Essay Example

When the Nazis took over Germany they thought the Jews were the reason that horrible things were happening. The goal of the of the Nazis was to get the Jews to emigrate or immigrate out of Germany.  Jews faced many hardships during the Reich because the Nazis took all their money and companies, emigration paperwork was extremely difficult and they couldn’t get visas. 

In the 1930s the Jews faced a lot of discrimination and hatred. They would say things like Jews are dangerous and say they’re the reason why bad things are happening. On the day of Kristallnacht, German police would burn houses owned by Jews. They would stop businesses and make people move out of their homes. The Nazis would make the Jews emigrate/immigrate to somewhere else to get them out. 

The obstacles Jews faced trying to emigrate or immigrate were very difficult. The Nazis would make them pay an extreme amount of money. They would make the rich Jews pay for the poor ones and got taxed to 10 dollars for travel. The Jews needed many papers like their visas and birth certificates. Since there was a Great Depression was spreading all over the world it was even harder for the Jews to go somewhere else. 

Getting somewhere was hard but living there or staying there for a while was even more difficult. They had no money for food, housing, and clothing. There weren’t as many jobs because shops were closing down and not making any money during the Great Depression. Most foreign countries like the United States, Canada, and Great Britain weren't accepting immigrants. Since the foreign countries wouldn’t take them so they had to go to countries close by like  France, the Netherlands, and Czechoslovakia. 

The other reason the United States wouldn’t allow it is because the citizens voted against it because they wanted to keep their jobs and it was during the Great Depression. They needed sponsors which were very difficult to get and many copies of paperwork. Other hardships were that there were many desperate people wanting to get out of Germany. Lastly, the Jews had a difficult trying to get out of Germany. 

Kurt Levi faced many challenges trying to immigrate somewhere else. Kurt traveled to many places to get approved to go to the United States. He went to Haiti. He went to all the way to New York for 10 days then went back to Germany. He got approved but had to wait for a very difficult 3 months.  This story was unique to me because he went to the United States and wanted to go there instead somewhere that was easier. “Whether he believed it or not, I don’t know, but his heart came through”. (Kurt Levi from the Reich transcript). 

Jew faced many hardships trying to get out of Germany and finding a new place to stay at because the Nazis took all their money and companies. Kurt Levi didn’t know how to speak English which made it harder for him to get a job. He just had enough money for food and a place to live. The Holocaust caused many obstacles for many people that some could never fix. 

The Guatemalan refugees and the Jews from the 1930s had a lot in common. They both had violence going on which, made them want to move. They both have very strong immigration laws and needs to get permission to come to the United States to stay legally. If they are not being cautious they the both could get captured and killed or badly injured. They both were really poor making it to the United States. They couldn’t speak the English language that well which made it harder for them to adapt. To sum it up both Guatemala and the 1930 Jews both had challenging obstacles to come to the United States and be a lot safer than where they used to be.



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