Obeying Traditions Essay Example

Across the years, many people have formed their own traditions, and whether it be family traditions or nationwide ones most people follow these traditions without much forethought. The question that arises from this is if it is valid to accept the tradition as it is or if there is a need to rise against it. Certain traditions can cause displeasure to the people who blindly follow them, for example, in Like Water for Chocolate, the family tradition acts as an annoyance to Tita. Other ones such as Thanksgiving produces no conflict and are accepted by many, so following them is acceptable. When all traditions are taken into consideration, if they cause any harm than it is fair to question them and even disobey them, however, if the intentions of the tradition cause no harm then there is no reason to disobey them.

In the story Like Water for Chocolate, the family tradition impedes any progress that the main character, Tita, can accomplish. During the story, Tita starts arguing with her sister and states, “As long as this cursed tradition doesn't take me into account. I had the same right to marry as you did, and you had no right to stand between two people who were deeply in love." This illustrates that the family tradition is getting in the way of true love and is hindering her progress as a person, in this case, you should disobey the tradition as it does not allow for you to better yourself. Later in the story, as the argument escalates and Tita exclaims “I'm not going to let you ruin her life either, forcing her to follow some stupid tradition!” (Esquivel 215) Some traditions, like the one displayed here, can cause multiple issues, the tradition is going to ruin the life of someone, therefore it is valid to disobey the tradition.


One popular tradition in the western hemisphere, that takes place every fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a perfect example of a tradition that harms no one, and some would argue it does the opposite and brings families closer together. Every year my family and I travel to a family reunion and rejoice over communion and reunion, and the tradition is yet to cause harm or dissatisfaction to anyone. Some people disagree and say that Thanksgiving is an unorthodox tradition due to the Indians’ point of view, as they suffered greatly from the arrival of pilgrims. However, the celebration of Thanksgiving isn’t for the arrival of the pilgrims, rather for the hope that Englishmen could live with Indians in harmony. Over the years the image of Thanksgiving has changed from celebrating the union between Indians and pilgrims to positive interactions with your family, either way, however, there is no harm inflicted and the tradition is one that will continue for years to come.

Throughout the years, many people have created and celebrated different traditions. Some traditions are harmless and even beneficial to the people who celebrate them while others can hinder a person's progress in life. Family tradition, for Tita, was created to be disobeyed as no one should follow a tradition that causes them harm. Thanksgiving, a tradition that's primary focus has changed throughout the years, has ceased to create any trouble, accordingly, there is no reason to disobey it. Traditions that can compare to that of Tita’s need to be questioned and should not be blindly followed by anyone. However, those that are relatable to Thanksgiving can continue for the reason that harm is not inflicted upon anyone from the tradition.



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