Nike vs Adidas Argument Essay Example

Nike vs Adidas Argument Essay Example
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📌Published: 18 July 2020

Nike and Adidas are the two largest companies worldwide. In 2018, “Nike made $4 billion in profit in 2018 compared to $1 billion for Adidas”(The Match! Nike vs Adidas). Nike and Adidas are both known for their athletic apparel worldwide. Also, they are both known for attracting people with their use of advertisements. Advertisements are a process for publicizing an item that you want to sell. Publicizing boosts the most recent products that are out in stores everywhere. There are considerably numerous things to promote; for example, you can advertise shoes, clothes, watches and more. These two companies compete heavily with each other, so they utilize their ads to do so. Throughout this essay, there will be an analyzation between Nike and Adidas advertisements and explain how they attract customers through their ads.

While they are selling comparative items, Nike products are more costly than Adidas because Nike has high and advance innovation. Nike and Adidas have likewise been the top employers in the sports business. Nike advances its items by sponsorship concurrences with famous athletes, professional teams, and college athletic teams. Conversely, Adidas supports professional soccer, tennis, general athletics with mainly clothing. As far as the market center, retail is a key concentration for Nike in associating with buyers, both on the web and in-store.

Adidas are European market focus because Europe is the origin of Adidas and them having a long period of control in the commercial center. Taking everything into account, Nike and Adidas are both well-known sports brand. Individuals will often compare them with one another knowing that they compete heavily with each other. 

The first advertisement is the Nike “Don’t wait until you’ve won a ring to play like it.” ad. Nike intends to persuade the viewer by using a professional athlete. Odell Beckham Jr. (OBJ) is one of the top Wide Receivers in the NFL. He is a very well-known person and attracts many different people; such as kids, adults, teens, and even females of all sorts. In this ad, Nike makes the claim “Don’t wait until you’ve won a ring to play like it.” This ad supports this claim because OBJ has never won a Superbowl; however, he plays to the best of his ability and tries his hardest. This advertisement is truthfully trying to say that Nike will help you play like you have won a ring. According to news analyst, the ad suggests that “Nike's ad echoes recent actions by other companies who have taken a stand on controversial issues during one of the most polarized cultural moments in memory” (What did Nike just do? Kaepernick ad may gain more from Gen Z than it loses). Overall, this ad helps draw customers to buying Nike products by using a professional athlete. 

Although this advertisement might be focusing on basketball players, the second advertisement being analyzed is the “Rise Above” ad by Adidas. The purpose of this advertisement is to persuade customers to buy this product by also using a professional athlete. In this Adidas ad, Derrick Rose, an NBA player, is jumping high into the air with his Adidas shoes. Using a verbal and visual aspect, Adidas is claiming that you can “Rise Above” in Adidas basketball shoes. This can be supported because the MVP Derrick Rose, could jump higher than most of the other players in the NBA. He was one of the most athletic basketball players during his time. Although, what this advertisement is trying to say, is that if you buy Adidas adiZero Rose 1.5 you will be able to compete better and be more athletic. Even though there is nothing wrong with this Adidas ad, there are just parts of the ad that could be improved. As is, this ad is pretty dull and pretty boring. There isn’t anything too creative about it, and it’s not very significant. The only interesting visual aspect in the graphic is Derrick Rose. So, the only thing that the viewer will probably remember about the ad is Derrick Rose, not the shoe. Incorporating a few more engaging features into this ad could drastically add to the campaign’s effectiveness.

So who is triumphing, Nike or Adidas? Although Adidas is more of a European company, Nike is winning overall. Focusing on providing the best performance for their athletes, Nike dominates the world market, with Under Armour and Adidas right behind it. Even though both of the brands’ main focus is catering to athletes, they both represent a different outlook on the fitness lifestyle. With Adidas’s exponential growth and Nike’s established position, we have yet to see in which direction the brands will develop. 

On the other hand, whether it is the advertisements or the publicity each one of them gets, both use advertisements to boost their products and make money. The advertisements might be about different things in general, but both advertisements approach their customers in the same way, by using an appeal to ethics. Through using professional athletes, a more diverse group of customers can relate to their adverts. Kids, teenagers, and maybe even adults may look up to these athletes, so by using them, it helps bring the customers to buying their product. Also, they both convey the message that if you use “our brand” it will help you. The two advertisements are the same because they both use the same appeal and logic. 

In conclusion, these two advertisements are both good examples of how Nike and Adidas use ads to attract customers. Both Nike and Adidas are following nearly the same types of promotional tactics up to some degree, they both use the internet, billboards, magazines, and TV advertisements to promote their products. The only difference is that they both use different celebrities to promote their products and they also follow different endorsement strategies, Adidas focuses on sponsoring a team and various events, while Nike bulls its eye on various stars of football, basketball, golf, etc.


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