Nepal’s Culture. A Ecology Essay Example

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  • Published: 13 March 2021
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The special thing about Kathmandu is that it has a good culture that is very fun to learn about. Kathmandu is 80 percent Hindu 9 percent Buddhist, 4 percent Muslim, and 3 percent Kiratist. Kathmandu is a very religious country. It also happens to be the capital of Nepal. Another thing that comes with their culture is their structural vision. Their buildings are very unique and their ways of living are different too. Their food is very good and unique at the same time. One common dish is Da-Bhat it has many unique flavors. 

Water crisis

Unfortunately, Kathmandu is suffering from a water crisis. Kathmandu is located right outside of two glaciers yet they do not have access to them. Kathmandu has plenty of water but it is all polluted. They have water pumps, and well water but they are running out. The water crisis is becoming so bad that citizens of Nepal have started to try their own solutions. Some people have started selling water to other citizens and Some have tried to make new inventions. Nepal has been dealing with this problem for a while, this can lead all the way back to the very early 2000s. 

Nepal’s problem

Nepal’s going through a big crisis, there are multiple reasons for this. One reason is that the water is polluted and that has caused many waterborne diseases. Another reason is that Nepal’s source of water is floating away from them. Nepal’s source of water is a big glacier and that glacier is moving at a rapid pace. This is slowly tearing Nepal apart limb from limb. The main side effect of pollution is waterborne diseases. This is a big problem, Waterborne has infected over 44,000 kids under the age of five. 

Cost of water

The cost of water is crazy. People in Nepal can spend up to one-third of their money just for getting water. This is probably because they have to transport water to Nepal then it must be transported to each person. This is also because they have a very limited source of water they can use. So the government is charging more money then they should for a very little amount of water. There is another problem: there is little water in general so if they do get it to you it will cost greatly because there is barely enough water to sustain for a small town. 


Glacier Moving

The citizens of Nepal live near glaciers and streams but they can not get the water. This is because the glaciers are moving. The glaciers are slowly but surely moving further away from Nepal. This is partly because of global warming. Another reason is that there may be work being done near Nepal causing damage.

Polluted air

That the airborne pollutants are mixing with the rain in the clouds. This can easily reach many people and cause diseases and can trigger allergies too. So the glaciers are starting to float away one reason can be global warming or climate change but whatever it is, it has a big effect. This can be very harmful to people with asthma and can cause an asthma attack.



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