Negatives of Common Core Essay Example

Almost all U.S. states have adopted the standards of Common Core not knowing how much it negatively affects students across the country. Common Core is an education standard depending on each state, which creates a higher expectation for students to reach a higher education to be prepared for life after high school. Even though many studies show the academic plus sides to Common Core, many don’t know the downsides to it especially the parents of students dealing with it. Common Core makes students become distanced from learning, stressed and overwhelmed with how difficult the schoolwork is. 

Students who already struggle with school are now having a harder time due to Common Core standards and have come to hate learning. A ninth-grade intervention specialist teacher Staciee Star quit her teaching job due to Common core she states "They have a learning disability and they may struggle with reading… It is extremely upsetting... These children are being demoralized on a daily basis. We are making them feel worse about themselves ... Our curriculum is going way too fast, and these students, we are losing them"(  Jackson 1). Students with or without learning disabilities are struggling to push through school to keep up with the difficult standard, this causes many students to become stressed. 

Students as young as five years old are having to deal with the difficulty of Common Core standards. Parents aren’t able to help many students due to their lack of knowledge in the standards, which causes stress on the students and parents. In 2015 an article was published to the NYSUT(A Union Of Professionals) stating;  “Last year's testing season was marked by widespread reports by teachers and parents of students getting physically sick and emotionally distraught over the standardized tests. It prompted many parents to exercise the option of refusing to let their children take tests” (Frenette 1). Students of all ages are becoming stressed and anxious to study and take these state standardized tests. Parents, teachers, and students altogether are becoming stressed due to the Common Core expectations, this causes students to struggle in their everyday classes.

Taking quizzes and tests is normal, to see how students are comprehending the information given. Younger kids at Elementary School level, are struggling even more now than before, Common core has made learning harder. To quote from a New York principal;” They are interesting questions that make adults stop and think. But as Piaget told us, children are not “mini-adults.” If a child is not developmentally ready, these problems will likely lead to frustration, discouragement and negative emotional reactions—which is exactly what parents are reporting”(Strauss 1).

Many students believe that Common Core is unnecessary because it doesn’t use real-world problems.  Parents and teachers alike are struggling with this new standard as well, a Common Core Survey was taken by some K-8 parents and teachers can’t help with homework due to their lacking knowledge. As quoted from the survey;” One thing most K-8 teachers in common-core states do agree on, though? That parents are less able to help with math at home because they don't understand the new way the subject is being taught”(Loewus 1). Students with special needs are also struggling with this standard because they learn in different ways and may not meet grade-level expectations. Parents and communities have put together a Pros and Cons List of the Common Core effects.

Thomas Armstrong states;” It fails to provide flexibility for students in special education. With its plethora of skills and standards, the Common Core doesn’t make provision for the fact that many students experience a level of difficulty with literacy and numeracy that makes it all but impossible for many of them to meet grade-level standards”(Armstrong 1). Struggling to understand core subjects with Common Core may be difficult to many because of how complex it is and how unrealistic it is to create adults at such a young age.

Common core not only affects students but teachers and parents as well. Teachers who are new to the standard have trouble showing the skills to students, and parents do not know how to help their child. Overall, it is increasingly shown that everyone will have some type of struggle or difficulty with Common core. Many studies show that Common Core is unnecessary and harms students' well-being.

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