The Negative Side of Vegetarianism Essay Example

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Vegetarianism is a wildly controversial topic. Many professionals and average Americans are on both extremities. Valid arguments have been thrown to and from every perspective imaginable. Choosing a vegetarian diet is better to efficiently improve your health than a typical omnivorous pattern because it has been shown that meat eating has forced certain ideologies to separate, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, improve overall quality of life, and shows a significant improvement of heart health. 

For eons, omnivorous diets have been shown to weave their way into societal norms. A large number of the American population has chosen a route less forced on the general population.  “Conflicts draw on larger dichotomies of the traditional and the modern and local vs. global identities, as well as values like ‘health’ and concern for the environment” (Sutton). The author is implying the idea that the term health as differentiated depending on different cultures. Just because a group of people disagree with this lifestyle, doesn't mean others won’t benefit from the regulation of dairy/meat products. “(Vegetarianism) eschews [abstains from]  the paradigm [model] of purity and guilt, that is a self-transformational practice that ‘re-affirm[s] our relationship to others’” (Sutton). Vegetarianism causes the affected to reevaluate the kinship of others and themselves. Togetherness with humans and nature is the driving force behind vegetarianism. 

Diabetes Risk

Type 2 diabetes has affected many Americans, but the reasoning behind it may be more than just too much sugar. “...a healthful plant based diet could enhance glycemic control, improve insulin sensitivity, and decrease chronic inflammation” (Moore). The human body has a better defense against diabetes, or any other disease for that matter, when it is being fuelled by a vegetarian diet. In addition, “ high fiber and low calorie contents of many plant foods could further reduce type 2 diabetes risk by promoting weight loss/maintenance” (Moore). Weight gain has been linked to type 2 diabetes in many circumstances. By using this specific diet, Americans would be more likely to reduce their overall risk of diabetes, therefore staying healthier. Keeping up with physical health has long lasting effects for everyone, regardless of diet. 

The Effect on Mental State 

Health and happiness go hand in hand, this is an ideology vegetarians hold near and dear. “The mood of individuals eating a plant-based diet, without the intake of animal-derived nutrient forms known to be essential for mental health, does not appear to be adversely affected, and may be better than the mood experienced by similar individuals eating an animal-based diet” (Beezhold). This study ranged from vegans to vegetarians to meat-eaters. Mental health is a large part of humans and contributes to overall wellness so it is a necessity to put effort in eating habits. “(This) data (is) relevant, not only for the relatively small vegan population, but also for non-vegetarian individuals who are susceptible to or living with mood problems. Currently, dietary changes are not considered a front-line treatment for mood disorders; however, our findings suggest that further studies investigating the efficacy of a plant-based diet for reducing anxiety and stress may be warranted” (Beezhold). Vegetarian diets have a direct link to better moods. This shows that this diet has more meaning behind it than just not liking meat. 

Heart Diseases Risk 

Heart health is directly related to one’s overall wellness. Atherosclerotic disease, heart arrhythmias, and dilated cardiomyopathy are all things that could seriously affect your health and to avoid these, a heart healthy diet is the way to go. “(Vegetarianism) associated with favourable cardiometabolic risk profiles, including lower body weight, LDL cholesterol, fasting blood glucose, blood pressure and triglycerides” (Benatar). The reduction of body weight and blood pressure have a significant positive effect on all the human body systems. Following this type of regulation may also increase the overall effectiveness of the heart. “...plant based diets are likely to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease” (Benatar). This leads to a healthier lifestyle because cardiovascular disease has lasting effects on the body.

Admittedly, many American citizens are concerned with the indication that a vegetarian diet cognitively ages middle-aged adults. “...greater intake of total [Polyunsaturated fatty acids] was associated with lower cerebral [Glutamate] in the occipitoparietal gray matter” (Oleson). Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) are in many foods like nuts, seeds, and coconut oil; which are prominent factors in a vegetarian diet. Cerebral Glutamate (Glu) refers to the neurotransmitters in located behind the frontal lobe in the parietal and occipital lobes, which control cognitive sensory skills, affecting the interpretation and processing of visual information, language, and mathematics. “...the different classes of PUFAs and (their) ratio(s) are functionally and biochemically different, thus justifying the heterogeneity of results showed” (Marventano). Marventano is illustrating that since all humans require a different ratio of the alternating fatty acids, each individual's results would be different. If all results are different, there is no way to prove the results could be interpreted to fit the population. Therefore, injustifing Oleson’s claims of the connection between PUFAs and cognitive aging.

Vitamin D Deficit 

In addition, the meat industry will be affected economically. “Vegans may suffer from vitamin D deficiencies, because most vitamin D comes from dairy foods like milk and cheese” (Issitt). The lack of certain vitamins  or minerals is harmful for uneducated vegetarians. It could be very detrimental to a human's health. However, “High meat consumption has a proven record in harming human health. We only need 56 g/day (adult men) and 46 g/day (adult women)” (Stoll-Kleemann). American citizens have a bad habit of overeating, but to eat over the limit is harmful. Both extremities can and will have deeply harmful effects when it comes down to it.

Whether or not the mainstream diet is carnivorous or vegan, vegetarianism will always have an upper hand. Americans are trying to improve their health on a daily basis, but many fail because the idea of “health” is strictly related to the leanness of beef instead of how many celery stocks are being consumed. Vegetarian diets are shaping the future of American society as more of the population is being educated in the light of vegetarianism.



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