The Negative Effect of Oil Essay Example

The Negative Effect of Oil Essay Example
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📌Published: 20 June 2021

The effects of the growth of populations does not just affect that on place, it can affect the whole entire world. Some effects of the growth of populations are the spread of harmful molecules in households, the threatening of marine life, and the creation of dead zones in rivers. When we decide to pump oil in our local communities, it can cause a lot of problems in our cites environment.The pumping of oil in our communities can cause problems in our cities environment. This oil century in South Belridge, California was discovered in 1911. When it was discovered people noticed that as this field was pumping on as cities were rebuilt for cars and as ancient petroleum molecules were spun into households things like plastics, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. 

As of today this city produces as much as 32 million barrels a year causing us to believe that this century's world may plummet. When it comes to the seas we are threatening the marine life within it.Todays chemical plants might be causing the death of our marine life. Sea changes in a Tuscan beach in Rosignano Solvay, Italy captures a lot of attention from human and the sea. The “tropical” like sands are not natural. They where whitened by carbonates from the chemical plant, which discharges mercury until recently. Fossil fuels power such transformations, worldwide, the CO2 from smokestacks and tailpipes if slowly acidifying the ocean, threatening our marine life. Us humans are increasing the amount of dead zones at the mouth of our rivers.We are starting to create dead zones at the mouth of rivers. Dead zones are places in rivers or oceans where there is a reduced level of oxygen in the water. Dead zones can be caused naturally and by humans. 

Scientist are concerned about the areas caused by humans and/or enhanced by human activity. There are physical, chemical, and biological factors that can cause these dead zones. In El Ejido, Spain, chemical factors like fertilizers and pesticides make possible the high yields and flawless produce celebrated by this Spanish billboard. The side effects are far-reaching-nitrogen runoff from fertilized causing dead zones at the mouth of rivers worldwide. In conclusion the us humans are doing unintentional things to our world that are causing damage to many ecosystems and other things in our world. All these unintentional things that we are doing is breaking our world causing us to plummet. If we continue doing what we are doing eventually we probably will not have a world anymore. If we decrease the amount of harmful chemicals  we use that could help the decrease the threat towards our marine life. If we decrease the amount of fertilizer and pesticides or find alternatives for them it would help with the dead zones at the mouth of our rivers. By watching how much oil we use or even stop the use of oil we could prevent ancient petroleum molecules like plastics, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals frombeing spun into households.


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