Natural Disaster Essay Example: Tropical Cyclones

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  • Published: 06 June 2021
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Tropical cyclones are big storms that are bringing heavy rain and Floods across the u.s.The National Hurricane center keeps updating these systems to see the potential landfall.Many people disagree and say that they don't need any "center".Our school should Have updates on tropical systems because it will give us information of tropical systems and will help us evacuate on time.

To start of with,Tropical systems have a strong potential of being devastating so it is good to be safe from systems by getting information from centers.According to "The National Hurricane Center and Forecasting Hurricanes:2017 Overview and 2018 Outlook"It says that "These factors also have improved forecasts of hurricane intensity, but they have done so in smaller increments per decade compared to improvements in track forecasts".Increases in technology give us more information to track the progress of these systems.Moreover,2017 had an active season with more than 4 hurricanes that destroyed the united states,damage From these systems would have been worse if not prepared and given information from the national hurricane center.The national hurricane center has also proven that systems are increasing strength so it best to get information on systems.Information is what people depend on to learn.Many people should take advantage of this and be careful of tropical cyclones head on.

To add on,Before a hurricane hits an area people evacuate to higher areas either for less impact of just to get away from the storm in general.An example of this would be my friend,he evacuated to Georgia to get away from a hurricane.Many evacuations can also happen during a hurricane.According to "Hurricane evacuation"it says that "There were an estimated 6.8 million Floridians who evacuated during Hurricane Irma, with some doing so twice. Subtle shifts in the storm's path first sent evacuees from the east to west coast of the state, and then north when Leon County ran out of hotel rooms and filled ten shelters with people, some of whom were from other parts of the state. Officials said 3 million of those evacuees were not actually in an evacuation zone."It seems more people are staying during an hurricane other than leaving.It is important to be safe during a hurricane and that is why we have these centers.

On the other hand,People believe centers are not important because either they can look outside or ask why people are evacuating.However,It is always important to trust centers because it provides more information than what people say.According to "Emergency evacuation"People believe "The sequence of an evacuation can be divided into the following phases: detection,decision,alarm,reaction,movement to an area of refuge or an assembly station,transportation."This is false because it just gives a sense of what is going on,you don't have time to evacuate.Others agree with another fact which is asking from others.This is also false and is a completely wrong because people are just warning,they don't give you all the information you need.Moreover,Centers give a widespread of information of these costly and expensive storms.Never go off the belief that people help you because they wont be there if trouble comes.

Hurricanes are very scary and costly systems and it is always important to be safe from these monsters.These are the reasons why we should be prepared from these storms.One is that it gives us information and two is that is helps us evacuate.So it is important to be safe from these systems or your life is at stake.You can always prepare but you can't prevent a tropical cyclone.



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