My Weekend Essay Example

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  • Published: 06 August 2020
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Most people do not know how to change a flat tire. Sooner or later it’s going to happen to most drivers. An individual is going to be driving down the road when suddenly their car starts to pull to one side and they hear the dreaded sound of their tire thumping down the road. Normally changing a flat tire can be a quick and somewhat simple process, but completing this process a hundred and fifty-three miles away from home without the proper tools is almost impossible.

My unexpected weekend began after persuading my parents into allowing me to visit my sister, Maddie at the University of Southern Indiana. On my four-hour journey to Evansville, Indiana I experienced a downpour of rain and hazardous road conditions making the drive miserable. When I eventually arrived at Maddie’s apartment we decided to go to get food at a restaurant near campus. We were driving down the Lloyd Expressway, when we heard the dreaded thumping sound of a flat tire. My car began to vigorously shake as we were forced to pull over to the emergency lane.

My tire was shredded, dispersing pieces of rubber along the highway for the previous mile. I was driving at high speeds when my tire blew out causing the wheel to bend so far that it was no longer usable. My sister and I were overcome by panic, realizing there was no one available to help us fix the tire. My parents were in Charlestown, Indiana and Maddie’s roommates had gone home for the weekend. We had no other choice other than to change the flat tire by ourselves. Fortunately, my dad had taught Maddie and me how to properly change a tire before we were able to obtain our drivers’ license. We gathered all the tools available for use in my car and retrieved the owner's manual fully prepared to change the tire, but we were missing a tire iron.  

Thirty minutes had passed and Maddie and I were still on the side of the road with a flat tire. Tears had been shed and words had been yelled until we finally decided to start walking on the expressway to look for help. There was a Chili’s restaurant one mile up the road, where we hoped we would be able to find assistance. By the time we arrived, we were a mess, covered in sweat and grease from head to toe. I began asking strangers if we could borrow a tire-iron to fix our flat tire. The first two families I asked for help from stared at me confused and worried, until a tall, dark-headed man in a full-suit and tie offered us the help we desperately needed. Exhausted and hungry, Maddie and I accepted a ride from this stranger and his family back to our car. 

Fifty minutes later, my sister and I were back to her apartment with a fixed tire, sitting on the couch enjoying wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. With every problem there is a solution. My problem involved a flat tire, no tire iron, and a panicked sister. Maddie and I had to work together to find a solution to fix the flat tire without the proper tools. A weekend planned for fun events turned into a weekend with life lessons and an adventure.



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