My Passion for Music - Piano Essay Example

“How can I improve myself and entertain my students as a teacher?”… “Was I good enough?” “Why haven't I thought of this before?” “Maybe I should have tried harder..” 

All this pondering, that contemplated in my mind, questioned my ambitions and the yearning for answers. 

The expedition began when I learned to play classical piano at five in Dallas, Texas. Playing classical music was like my version of therapy. In that case, let’s say I had a very rough day at school: I would let all of my emotions out by practicing piano and feel much better afterward. Because of this, I felt like I could do this for my long-term plan; Until an incident occurred between me and my mother. 

Ever since I started classical piano, the "only way" to interact with my mom was to argue constantly. Whenever my mother would scold me or tell me to practice at least two-and-a-half hours of piano every day, I would tell her it was "too much work”, wishing to never play again.

Piano has separated my relationship with my mother and was destroying my reputation. Eventually, I took a break, to foremost, take care of my relationship. Improving my personal relationship was one task I needed to resolve. Eventually, we finally stabilized our conflict and concluded with an agreement: Since I have become more mature for my age, I took my future and career seriously, by independently, practicing piano on my own, instead of my mother stressing herself out by telling me to practice.

All of this pondering has brought me to many doubts and loss of confidence. There were times when my past three years of high school were burdensome. I always questioned and doubted myself. Whether it’s getting accepted at a university or asking “What-if” questions, the outcome did not turn out very satisfying.

Although these anxious perceptions stressed me out, I had a way to de-stress myself, by making music and even giving piano lessons to children. 

How ironic: Am I right?

After giving lessons to a few children, I changed my perspective of my junior and senior years of high school: Instead of agonizing on how many mistakes I’ve made in the past, I chose progress forward, and work hard at school and my future piano competitions.

Since music plays a big role in my life it, fully, guided me to express my inner thoughts and subconsciousness, by letting them all out with just the tip of my fingertips. When it was my moment to perform on stage, at The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, I glanced around my seat and examined other contestants, waiting to perform their pieces like me. While I was unsure, emotionally and physically, it was always my dream to dress professionally, with an exquisite dress, on stage, and I will not miss that opportunity once again.

I suddenly felt nauseous - like butterflies in my stomach, as many people would say. But my mother came to the rescue. Suddenly, the judge called my name up. People were sitting up, gazing into their eyes and applauding, as I walked onto the stage, with my heart pounding rapidly. Although it felt like an eternity, I eventually finalized my song.  As I set my hands on my lap, I heard a multitude of people, applauding and appreciating my interpretation of these classical pieces.

Although many people stood up and applauded, the only person I saw was my mother, beaming with excitement, as she gave me two thumbs-up. While I scooted away from the piano to sit with my mother, waiting for everyone else to perform their pieces after me, I began reviewing and questioning myself: “How can I enhance my future auditions and performances?” As I sat down, listening to more people performing their pieces, I felt doubt weighing down my shoulders. 

Immediately, after everyone has performed, I waited for the judges to make up their mind for the first to fourth place contestant; and when the results were announced, I was greatly astonished. At that moment, I learned a great life lesson from these past performances, and the same saying “Never give up” will always be a forever self-taught lesson.

As my passion for music and ambitions continue to grow, I strive to teach music for different types of elementary children and continue to explore classical piano on the way. I learned to not expect outcomes to happen, but continue to devote my time, so that I can become an inspiration for the community.



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