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In the play, Riley K. the characters are Jay, Blake, Riley, Sam, Principle, and Mrs. H. The main problem was that Jay couldn’t control his anger. Jay wanted to be partners with Riley for student council vice president. When he was at school she called him and said that she couldn’t be partners with him because she was going to China. That made him mad so he threw his phone at the window, which made it break. Then Blake passed by Jay and he sang to her, asking to be his partner but she said no. Which made Jay mad so he started to pretend that he wasn’t really asking her. After Sam saw what happened she said that she would be his partner.

However, it didn't turn out so well and she didn't do any work. Then when it was the day of the speech, Jay wasn’t ready so he started to make things up. Blake was perfect in her speech and she did it so well until Jay got jealous. He went on the stage and started to mimic her. This lead to the climax where Blake got so mad she screamed at him in front of everyone. Then Jay got called by Mrs. H to her classroom. In her classroom they talked about what he had done and if that was right to mimic Blake. Then he found out, it was wrong for him to do that so he finally went and said sorry to Blake and Riley for what he did. Then at the end, Blake won and she is the vice president of the student council.

Play’s best parts

Somethings I like about the play Riley K. was that all the background sounds match the play. The sounds weren’t completely different from the mood of the play. Another thing I like about the play was that it explained a lot about what is right from what is wrong, and if you're hurting someone's feelings or not. Something that made the play stronger is the background sounds. With the background sound, the audience can get a better understanding and a better feel of the play. The background sounds made the play interesting, then just two people acting it out. Another thing about the play that made it strong was the emotion shown by the characters.

The emotion will make the audience more interested in the play and it also makes us see how people will feel in real life. The final thing that made the play stronger was the costume. The girl played many characters and if all the characters wore the same clothes then the play would be confusing to watch. Also, they didn’t wear anything fancy, but they managed to wear something that the character would wear. Some improvements that can make the play better are that the boy should speak louder or the background music should be made quieter. This is because I found it difficult to hear. 

Play’s rating

For this play, my rating out of five is four. That is because I really enjoyed the play and it was interesting to watch. But the reason why I gave it a four than a five was because I couldn’t hear the boy parts. Also, another reason why I gave it a four because some parts were boring. Like some parts in the middle was predictable and I would've guessed on what was gonna happen.



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