My Most Memorable Art Experience. My Personal Experience Essay Example

My Most Memorable Art Experience. My Personal Experience Essay Example
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📌Published: 04 November 2020

My most memorable experience relating to the arts was constructing my visual arts portfolio for CAPA. Throughout this time, I was able to experiment and learn new art techniques, styles, and materials, which ultimately gave me a better sense of me as an artist. 

First, my art teachers and I discussed the portfolio requirements. Then, we discussed if I had any work that met the criteria. I only needed to draw a still life, black and white drawing, and a self-portrait. To complete the still life I needed to go to school during parent-teacher conferences, which wasn’t enjoyable, but it taught me artistic work ethic. When I started a drawing I would do it in a one-time frame, even if it took me 12 hours to finish. When you are an artist you cannot always do that because not only does art take time, but sometimes you need to go back to a drawing. I worked on my still life for two weeks. I had to continuously work on shading, highlighting, coloring, and perspective. Going back to my still life day after day helped me revise portions of the drawing without having obvious erase marks, pencil dents, or realizing a part of the drawing was off before completing it. 

My black and white drawing was done during my entomology drawing intensive. I used a micro pen which was something I didn’t use often as most of my drawings were done in pencil. So that was already an interesting experience, but the real riveting part was when my teacher taught me what stippling was. Stippling is essentially when you draw numerous little dots to vary shade or solidity. My teacher taught me it so I could build up the shade and texture of the beetle without it being unrealistic. Stippling is a very beautiful and interesting technique to work with, but it isn’t always the easiest technique to work with, at least for me. I had the same size pen to work with throughout my whole piece which proved itself as difficult when you need a smaller or bigger dot. I struggled with it a bit, which I found amazing because I wouldn’t have found solutions from my mistakes. For example, using the pen at a different angle to differentiate the size of the dots helped me get an end product of a drawing that I love. 

The self-portrait of me was simple, I drew myself. The journey to completing my portfolio was hard. I had to get out of my comfort zone and not use graphite pencils. I used a pen, color pencils, and I think maybe paint if I recall correctly. I learned new techniques like stippling which is now my favorite. Lastly, the journey’s end included a new knowledge of art styles. I know I didn’t mention it before, but that was my first still life as a “developed” artist. Between the lessons I learned from my still life I learned work ethic. All of these combined artistic moments gave me the answer to who I am as an artist, an individual. I’m doing my own thing. I like what I like and I dislike what I dislike. No, I did not choose to continue my education at CAPA, but the journey to even apply there was forever memorable. 

Regarding your music class, I would like to learn how to read music for one. I can recognize notes, but I don’t understand how to read music scales especially if there is a shift. The only other topic I want to learn in your class is the drums. A regularly occurring assignment for music classes in middle school was mini bands. We would sign up for a specific role and assign or choose a song. I almost always play the drums during these assignments and I would appreciate it if you would help me improve.


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