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  • Published: 25 June 2021
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A few years ago, my sister passed away and this key event in my life changed me, by having more love and empathy towards others. With her voice ringing in my head, telling me what to do, I have been able to make agile and thoughtful decisions.  

Around two years ago, I was in my own world, playing video games, when my parents walked through my door with abrupt news. Right then and there I could feel a potent, bitter aura radiating off them. They had pulled me away from the comfort of my room and sat my sister and I on the couch, which seemed to have collected dust in the loft. The velvet texture seemed much more real and appealing than I remembered from the day before. Before we even started talking, my father was already in tears. The tears I have never seen, the tears rolled down his cheek as if they were boulders, the tears that flowed like a waterfall on a rainy day.

Having to hear the words “She has been in an accident,” was destructive. Those words ringing in my head, much comparable to an old telephone ringing through the empty hallways of a long-forgotten home. Here I found myself running in circles, trying to reverse time to a point where I don’t have to hear those words being spilled out all over my mind. As if life dumped a box of puzzle pieces over the floor while I try and put them back together, but instead of puzzle pieces, the thin grasp I had on my sanity. I knew the feeling wouldn’t shake. I can announce it hasn’t faded but risen as someone beckoned it to the surface again. 

Something that was brought to the surface was being bullied. On a dreadful day, an electronic device had been announced and it bears the same name as mine. I was put through an endless battle of ignoring the names and commands like the robot would receive. Being told to do this and that, to stay away, to play songs, to say the weather, and being called horrible names. Those names still spinning around faster that any top. The gloomy feeling, that sat on my shoulders day and night, was unimaginable. The only thing I knew, was that I had my sister with me. Thus, with the thought of her still floating around in the heavens was enough to keep me alive. She gave me strength and with that I was able to strengthen others.

With this strength, I could assist others through their troublesome times. I remember last year, that I helped so many students, who struggled with handling their sadness. I helped for them to overcome the fears and worries they had in life. I would sit down with them, one on one, and absorb all their grief to the point where they could smile again. I would share their pain to help whatever has come into their life that was unhealthy. I tried my best to make others feel more than they think they are. One time, I can recall saving someone from the committing suicide was when a girl’s boyfriend had died, and she felt like nothing and wanted to go be with him. 

“I miss him so much. I want to just end it all and be with him.” while Kach whispered, trying to hold back the flow of tears. 

“Trust me Kach, if you did, I bet he wouldn’t like it. Think about everyone who would miss you so badly.” I tried to be a little funny to make her feel better. It worked to my surprise. She let out a soft giggle as she smiled. 

“I think you’re right. He would be mad at me.” she replied as she was still giggling.  

“Just show him the best you can do and make him so proud!” I remarked. She seemed so happy and was determined to make him proud. “I think you are absolutely adorable, and it would be a shame for an angel to go back to the heavens.” I consoled. As I love to flatter people to make them feel more confident in themselves; it works almost all the time. It brought me satisfaction that she felt so much better and was willing to keep living. 

Giving someone joy is much more of a payment than the millions of dollars that a human being could earn. It filled me with astounding joy that I could impact someone in such a positive way; after that person has been through something so dreadful. Not only did I help them, but I helped myself by making someone beam with happiness to were their faces would light up like brand new lights on a car. Those people’s lives have been forever changed because whatever the burdensome problems was, was hopefully fixed by the ten to twenty minutes I would spend with them. Sooner than later, more people had been coming to me with their problems. I felt like a person with a bag of food getting ready to feed a bunch of starving dogs. Of course, I didn’t mind, whereas helping those in need is a passion of mine. I have convinced numbers of people not to die because I could relate to their emotions and tell them all the wrong that comes out of it. With my sister guiding me through this ruptured road I have been able to lead those on the jagged path, to the gentle street, and then to the better life they deserve.  

In short, some things may be tragic, but it the significant events that can change someone forever. But whether it’s talking to a friend or an adult about something serious to get it off your chest, or something sad happening, can really change someone in a huge way. For me, it was my sister's death and the bullying that had impacted and changed my mindset. With all this hurtfulness, I was able to obtain wisdom, along with the guiding voice of my sister in the heavens, to encourage those who truly needed it.



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