My Journey Through University Essay Example

This social work program allowed me to develop and grow in so many remarkable ways.  In my first phase of practicum I obtain hands on experiences. I worked with teachers and the school social worker in my first practicum which allowed me to develop a sense of how to deal with teenagers as they encounter their Identity vs. Role Confusion, developmental stage (Erikson 1902 -1994). In my second phase, I was fortunate to work with a qualified psychologist. Her mentoring was important because I had the opportunity to work in the community which is my area of emphasis. Working in the community is a rewarding experience because you get to see individuals transform from sadness to cheerfulness when their issues are solved through the various intervention methods. During practicum, I was faced with some key challenges that required intervention strategies to address them. However, I was able to achieve a sense of professionalism, and developed seeds of growth which will play an important role in guiding the lives of individuals and me in the future.

Key Challenges

Surprisingly, challenges, weakness and   presented themselves through my journey. In my third and fourth year I encounter challenges such as lack of spousal support, lack of finances, and having to deal with time management. Some of my weaknesses include low self-esteem, fear of failing and entertaining the thought of not being able to complete my degree. I imagine, for a little while, what will be the response of those who looked up to me if I failed. However, my strength was to quickly grasp the teachings and knowledge that was imparted to me through the assignments and live presentations offered by the lecturers.

Strategies Used to Solve Encountered Issues

Rational Emotive behaviour Therapy ( REBT) developed by (Ellis 1955). I use this approach to be able to manage my emotions and behavioral disturbances. The techniques I used includes

Reframing: I looked at my problem from a different perspective which change the meaning.

Encouragement: Looking at how far I was able to make it thus far through my journey.

I also used Role Play to see where I made mistake and how I can improve myself by observing what I did and did not do. Eventually I was able to focus on my short and long term goals that will help me to complete my studies one day at a time. My self-esteem heightened and   I focused mainly on how much I do and not what the world or anyone thought about me. 

In the area of lack of financial support and time management I decided to embrace the empowerment theory because of the effect it has on individual at a micro level. This process afford me to gain and increasing control over my powerlessness. Hastened (1987), stated that It is  a process through which clients obtain resources to gain greater control over their environment and to attain their aspirations”(p.479). I seek part time employment in order to cover the cost of my books, transportation and my tuition fees. Going through this process I    discovered where my true potential lies. I surprised myself because already having the issue of time management and now have to multi-task. I guess this verse concept work for me: Ephesians 3:20 : Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us. 

Attaining Levels of Professionalism

The word professionalism was one of word often uses by the lecturer when student was assessed for both practicum experience and in class assessments. This is one of the skills that highlights the effectiveness of one’s career. To ensure that students practice professionalism they were graded in this area for most of the social work core courses. I had to be early for every class session, practice an acceptable dress code and respect my lecturer and colleagues even if we disagree on certain terms. Introducing these important measures in the class setting and observing the professionals work at my practicum sight permitted me to demonstrate an increased level of professionalism.

Growth and Development From Self-evaluation

Fortunately, I acquired seeds of growth through the social work programme by simply gaining the ability to understand the importance of using the Codes of Ethic that was developed by The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) 1955. This Code of Ethics enhances my practice for profession immensely. The set of values, principles, and standards directs my judgment making and became a part of my lifestyle.  

In due course, my personal growth started its transformational process where I improved emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually and intellectually. I was also privilege to learn that difficult problems can be solved by viewing them from different perspective, or we can  develop resilience or coping skills for die hard issues .

Having the ability to developing strategies that deal with issues is a significant aspect of a social worker’s life. This is the ultimate test of time for a social worker. I developed by acquiring learning to apply theories to situations that results in empowering and changing the lives of individuals. This important aspect of social work will be able to assist me in being the best professional I can be in my practice of social work. 

In conclusion, I would  like to say that as a result of my University of the Southern Caribbean journey (USC) I can now accomplish a more satisfying and meaningful life, which is highlighted in my essay. The values and principles will be apparent in my place of work and relationships as well as the world around me. This journey was an opportunity that I will never regret.


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