My Game Experience Essay

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  • Published: 27 March 2021
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It was Halloween night. Outside was filled with breezy air and rain that fell like cats and dogs. My friends Emily, Madeline, and I were watching horror films while wrapped up in soft fluffy blankets that overlapped us. The smell of sweet cinnamon and pumpkin filled the room from freshly baked desserts. 

As the hours went by, it grew closer and closer to three am. We had been waiting all night playing this board game called “The Ouija Board.” Madeline’s brother had mentioned he played it once at a friends house and things got out of hand and paranormal things started happening. We just thought we were lying to make us scared.

It was time all three of us shouted out. It was three am (the devil's hour). We all ran downstairs like lighting. We started setting up the board. It had this board and a triangle piece. The board had the whole alphabet in this arch like shape. It had good and bad at the top on both sides and letters that spelt out goodbye near the bottom. We figured out that the triangle piece was called a panchette and when you play you each put two fingers lightly on it. It also had a clear circle in the middle so you can see what letters it moves to. We lit old candles that we found in her basement and turned the lights off.

All of us put our fingers on the panchette waved it in circles and asked if there are any spirits in this room that would like to communicate with us? It slowly moved to yes. 

“Stop playing with me,” I stated trembling. 

“I swear on my life I did not move it,” Emily remarked. 

We all just thought one of us moved it as a joke so we continued playing. 

“What's your name?” asked Madeline.

The planchette moved to D-A-N-A.

“Nuh uh ,no freaking way,” Madeline shouted with horrific fear. 

As she got herself back under control she started mumbling on about a story. She said, the people who lived in this house before me got in a lot of fights and Ron the husband supposedly killed his wife named Dana. 

We asked the board “How did you die?” it replied with m-u-r-d-e-r. 

We all started shaking and I began to say “If you are in this room give us a sign.” And two seconds later the lights flickered several times. I got this wholesome feeling in my body. We were all so scared so we quickly moved the panchette to goodbye and then ran outside. To this day I will never play a Ouija Board ever again.



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