My Freshman Year Essay Example

We have reached the end of freshman year. Though it wasn't easy, we made it through.  This year I ran cross country and indoor track. I have made some amazing friends from track.  Maggie, Maggie, Elise, Austin, Ryan and Aniya are the ones I have grown closest. They have helped inspire, motivate, and push me, not just running but in school as well. Throughout the year I met a lot of new people, but I still remain close with two long time friends Rachel and Alexia. I didn’t have much time for clubs because of running, but I participated in FCA and Young Life. In my freshman year a major event was having to give up track for a season. I realize now it was for the better. My grades were dropping and I was struggling with balancing my time. This time off has really helped me get back on track and have time for other things. I got to assist coaching middle school field hockey in my spare time.    

My resolution is to run again in two weeks. My role model this year is my Coach Mike Nestor.  Even when times are rough he was always supportive of me. He does anything and everything possible to help us when we're in need and teaches us to love, serve,  and care . If I had a quote to describe this year it would be “There will always be obstacles and challenges that stand in your way. Building mental strength will help you develop resilience to those potential hazards so you can continue on your journey to success.”

I have grown as a writer since the first day of school. I have developed skills in grammar, advanced my vocabulary, and research skills. As a reader, I have developed my skills by reading advanced content. As a writer, I have improved in research methods and grammar. I have met goals and standards I set for myself. Honors English wasn't regularly a challenging course, but just enough to push us to be better. I hope to continue improving throughout high school.

In Reading I have improved in comprehension and note taking. I find improvement in my writing in grammar, and Research. I learned useful tools for research. I also learned how to separate real information from fake, and using reliable sources. In thinking I have developed skills in critical thinking and comparing or relating to other contexts. This class has bestowed me with skills I will benefit from in future times.  

My definition of great literature is hard to describe in words. Sometimes it's a feeling you get while reading it. It's great literature if it can play with your emotions. Another factor for great literature is a good plot. “Romeo and Juliet” is considered great literature because of being written by Shakespeare. It included advanced vocabulary, but in my opinion lacked detail in the plot.  It was predictable. “Alas Babylon” was my favorite piece of literature we’ve read this year.  It had a good plot, was interesting, and relatable. “Alas Babylon” was a thoroughly written book.  Pat Frank was ahead of his times in writing.

The definition of fiction is believed to be a made up story involving made up characters and events. Nonfiction is written about real events, people, or news. An example is a biography or historical events. I prefer nonfiction, or realistic fiction.  I have never been one for fantasy or reading stories. I like to read about history or real events. My favorite thing to read is the news.  I normally read about 20 articles a day. I find things actually occurring more interesting and entertaining.

I grew most as a writer during our poetry unit. I hadn't had much experience with poetry before this year.   I learned how to read it, write it, and process it. I grew most in my writing of it.  I also learned a lot from reading “The Most Dangerous Games”. It helped me develop my theme statement writing skills. The more I practiced with these forms of literature, I have gained  a stronger understanding.

My I-search paper helped me grow the most in writing. It taught me the most because I was unfamiliar with the writing form. I had very limited knowledge on research coming into this unit. Of the previous knowledge I had it was not all useful or reliable.  Being able to research topics of my choice made the work more interesting.The research process taught me how to find sources, format a research paper, and cite my sources.

The piece I am most proud of is my vignette. Having to write about myself was a more challenging task. I wrote about something that means a lot to me. Friendships are a huge part of who I am today. I received a six out of six on this piece. My grade reflects how much work I put into this piece. Before this unit I had never heard of a vignette before. This unit taught me how to write one and format vignettes.

If I could redo any piece from this year it would be my annotations paper from “Alas Babylon”. The reason I chose this piece is because it's one I am not proud of. I feel that the paper was rushed and of very poor writing. It was the worst grade I received all year on anything. If I could redo it, I would have chosen a different quote to begin. The one I chose didn't have as much information as I suspected it did. I would completely redo the whole paper to make it more to my ability. I wish I would have chosen a different quote and spent more time on it. My grade reflects how I wrote it.

The full writing process is a good tool to have. It is very important when writing essays or important papers. Brainstorming helps process your thoughts and decide what to write about. Rough drafts are an ideal source when it comes to editing and correcting your work.  It also shows teachers your improvement and editing skills. Although the five steps can be prolonged, it will improve your grade. 

In tenth grade and there are skills I will still need to advance. I hope to advance my researching skills, and develop my reading skills. Theme statements are a technique I was not strong in. I hope to improve that skill with the help of my ninth grade honors English teacher. My writing and researching skills can always develop. The more I practice and learn about writing the more my writing will grow. I plan to develop my reading and comprehension skills by reading more and summarizing in the process.  

With everything happening in senior year, remember to have fun and savor the memories.  Let things go and don't dwell on little things. Don't procrastinate on college applications.  Although it's your last year, don't rush things and enjoy the last bit of high school because I know you'll miss it. Rejection doesn't define you. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Get involved in school while you still can. Live in the present, there's no reason to stress. Enjoy high school while you can, soon it will be the last time you walk down that hallway, the last time you see some of these people, the last time you'll get to create that memory.  

“Enjoy high school you're going to blink twice and you'll be in a cap and gown, wondering where the time went”. One day you'll be at your last Friday night football game and prom.  One day you'll be at the last meet with your team. One day soon you'll be in a cap and gown surrounded by those who you've grown up with. One day you won't be in high school anymore. Are you really ready to give it all up yet. Don't forget to thank those who helped you reach where you are today. High school had the best of times and the worst of times but everyone mattered. “When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome.” To summarize this, have fun, live everyday like it's your last, live in the present, and don't focus on little things that won't matter in five years.



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