“My Favorite Chaperone” Summary Essay Example

“My Favorite Chaperone” is a work of fiction and is a short story written by, Jean Davies Okimoto. In the story a teenage girl from, Kyrgyzstan wants to be a typical American teenager, but she is struggling to convince her parents that she can be a typical American teenager while also able to stick to their family heritage. 

In the introduction, Mya talks about how she did not want to take the permission slip that allowed her to go to the school dance, and honestly did not know why she did. Page one lines 1-6 say “in homeroom when Mr. Horswill handed out the permission slip for the Spring Fling, the all-school dance, I almost didn’t take one. Why should I bother when I was sure the answer would be the same? Even though I’m in ninth grade now, it would still be the same. No. Nyet is what they say…”. This evidence shows how she has asked multiple times before this year with each year her parents saying “no”, so there is very little hope expected this year.

In the rising action, Nurzhan got in a fight with one of his bullies during school and got himself suspended. The school was unable to reach Nurzhan's mother so the school called Maya and she was quite disappointed and angry after realizing she had to miss her gymnastics meet. On page 8 lines 192-193 it says “. In a minute the bell would ring, school would be out, and the gymnastics meet would begin.” showing she had a gymnastics meet. On page 9 line 219-220 it says “I felt angry that I had to miss the meet because of Nurzhan.” this shows she was very upset because she had to miss the meet for Nurzhan getting in a fight.

 Maya was fooling around with her friends, her friend group consits of guys and girls but she was messing around with the boys and getting lifted up an down (etc.), which in her culture is not accepted so she was fearful of her father's reaction.“Daniel, please. Put me down!” My voice cracked as my breath caught in my throat. But Daniel didn’t hear. Everyone was shouting and laughing, and he lifted me up even more as the lime green cab came to a halt in front of the school. The door slammed. Papa stood like a huge bull in his dark leather jacket and flung open the back door of the cab. “MAYA ALAZOVA!” His voice roared across the parking lot. He pointed at me the way one might identify a criminal. “EDEE SUDA!” he shouted in Russian. COME HERE! Daniel dropped me and I ran to the cab, whimpering and trembling inside like a dog caught stealing a chicken.

In the climax of the story, mama broke her leg, so Maya had to take it upon herself to do mama’s work, cook dinner, and go to school, making her very tired. On page 21 lines 673-679 it shows how she burnt the chicken because she wanted to “rest her eyes” since she was exhausted. “The next week I was so tired after going to school and cleaning Mrs. Hathaway’s house that I burned the chicken. After I put it in the oven, I sat at the table with Nurzhan to do my homework. I rested my head on my book for just a minute, and the next thing I knew, Nurzhan was pounding on my arm.

“Maya! The oven!” he shouted.”. Carefully, I unfolded the tissue paper and let out a gasp when I saw a small gold bracelet lying on the folds of the thin paper.“You wear this to the dance.” Mama patted my shoulder. “Oh, Mama.” I wanted to hug her like we hug on the gymnastics team, but I was too shy. We don’t hug in our family. “I forget sometimes when there is so much work that you are just a young girl. This bracelet my mother gave to me when I was sixteen. Girls and boys dance younger here, Maya. So you wear this now.”, This shows how mama has finally accepted how much Maya has matured. In the falling action or resolution, Nurzhan says he will talk to their father and try an get her father to let Maya go to the dance. “Try what?” “Let me try to get permission for you from Papa.” I laughed. “Oh, Nurzhan. Don’t be foolish. You waste your time. Papa will never change his thinking because of you.” “I will try anyway. When he comes home tonight, I will speak to him myself. I have a plan.” I could only smile a sad smile at the idea of little 

Nurzhan trying to change the mind of Papa, who is a man like a boulder.” this shows how Maya thinks that there is no point in what he is trying to do because he is “like a boulder”.

After Nurzhan talks to their father and gets him to allow Maya (his sister) to go to the dance, but under one condition Nurzhan will go to the dance with Maya to act as a chaperone for her. Maya is happy and grateful towards Nurzhan showing their loving bond.

Daniel and Maya go to the dance and Nurzhan proceeds to the bathroom so as to give them privacy while dancing. “Daniel held my hand and put his arm around my waist, and I put my hand on his shoulder just the way Shannon and I had practiced so many times. It was a slow dance, and Mama’s bracelet gleamed on my wrist as it lay on Daniel’s shoulder.”.

By the end of the story, Maya's parents accept that she can hold “both worlds” in her hands. It shows the relationship between America and Kyrgyzstan the different heritages and things that immigrants (teenagers, adults, or children) may have to go through when coming to America.



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