My Family My Life Essay Sample

My Family My Life Essay Sample
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📌Published: 21 May 2021

Trees, like identities, are composed of many intricate details that come together to form a strong-standing structure. These majestic plants symbolize loyalty, balance, and harmony. The roots of my tree are the essence of who I am as a person. They provide me with life and without them, I cannot function. At my core, you will find my adoring and devoted family. My parents and sister act as an inspiration to better myself and rise to my full potential. I am loyal, open, and affectionate toward my core people. The sturdy trunk of a tree holds the community of my close friends who I look to for advice and support. They help me through the obstacles I face in life and are always there for me. The branches of the tree hold all the other communities I engage myself within. Throughout these communities, I am more reserved and introverted. The leaves of the tree display how much of my character I reveal. In my tennis environment, I am not as open and outgoing. I choose to direct my focus mainly toward the sport as well as improvement. As a result, my personality reflects my drive for success in the game. The people in this specific community do not see my full personality and only see what I am willing to share. Aside from my core, close friends, and athletics, I am generally reserved in the rest of my communities. In return, few people have the opportunity to see my true self. 

The people who have the most influence on me are my parents, teachers, and grandparents. In their presence, I am polite and do not talk much. Instead, I listen to them and take in their advice for future reference. When surrounded by my parents, I remain polite and respectful, however, I am more open and sociable when engaging with them. Growing up, my parents taught me to show respect to all people. Showing respect meant giving kind regard and listening to others’ opinions and advice, being supportive, using manners, and helping and caring for others. My parents additionally taught me the value of fairness. Fairness is treating all people equally. It involves taking turns, sharing, and playing by the rules. My parents demonstrated fairness by treating both my sister and me with the same level of respect and admiration. They would never favor one of us over the other. They are the most prominent inspiration figures in my life. They regularly help me to find the true meanings of each aspect, including the significance of happiness and success. My mother and father inspired me to acknowledge success as accomplishing a goal or achieving something. Success is a short-lasting feeling of joy and contentment. Happiness is joy and a positive state of well-being. It is when the people you love surround you. My parents maintaining a loving and supportive environment has given me long-lasting happiness and has greatly affected my identity.  

In my family home, there has never been much cultural celebration or representation. Although we practice some customs related to my mother’s Albanian background, we do not go into much depth or fully appreciate the culture. I have always desired to learn more and celebrate my cultural heritage, for I respect and admire the devotion others placed toward their customs and traditions. The focus on respect and acceptance of my culture has influenced my beliefs on gender roles and gender identity. It has shown that there should be no designated gender role in society. People should be able to fulfill and aim for any goals without society’s say. My family has shown how important it is for any individual to feel comfortable in their own body without any influence from conflict in society. The many conflicts present throughout communities have greatly influenced my beliefs on disputes. My father teaches me to be non-confrontational, as he avoids any conflict at hand. He tries to make peace or talk his way through the situation while my mother dives head in on the conflict and is entirely honest. My mom mainly influenced my beliefs in the areas of emotions. I try to conceal my feelings behind an invisible mask of happiness or fake confidence, especially when having feelings of irritation or discouragement. Unfortunately, there are many times where my emotions get the best of me and can be seen by tears swelling my eyes. My mother was the person who taught me to fake confidence when in distress, for by practicing confidence comes genuine feelings of courage. She guided me to embrace and express my positive emotions in order to protect myself from negativity. In the education department, both my parents and teachers have influenced my attitude toward school. My parents are serious about my education and set high expectations for me, which has led me to put school as one of my top priorities. Though school can be stressful and frustrating, it is also rewarding. My teachers have shown me the importance of education and school as well. They have explained how significant it is for a prosperous and successful future. Through their teachings, I have learned and retained more information each day to help me in daily life.

Everybody has an identity, it makes them their unique self, and it defines who you are as a person. My identity is shaped by the many different aspects of my communities. My community of close friends teaches me the importance of a healthy and stable relationship, built on a foundation of trust. My athletics community shows me the value of motivation and a drive for success, and my core helps me mature as an individual and keeps me standing. Each feature of this tree system works in harmony with all my groups combined to develop my true identity.

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