Movie Review on Once Brothers (Yugoslavia History)

Yugoslavia was a country formed together after World War I. Things went downhill based on ethical conflicts. There are a lot of political, social, environmental, and economic effects involved with this war and the breakup of Yugoslavia. 

The political impact of the Yugoslav war is all about the Yugoslav government. One situation that happened was the unresolved arguments and disagreements that led to Yugoslavia and Croatia declaring independence and wanting to declare war. The war involved mass murder, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. All these things were Yugoslavia and Croatia leaders' faults. The leaders thought that they were helping their country but in reality, it just drove their country away from each other by destroying friendships, ethnic groups, and their society. Another effect is the social effect on Yugoslavia. The social effects in Yugoslavia were discrimination and interactions with people. In the video documentary “Once Brothers'' Vlade Divac had a flag incident that went worldwide in the media. A young Croatian went up to Vlade and his basketball team after winning nationals with a Croatian flag. Vlade hit the flag away since the Yugoslavian team won, not the Croatian team. Vlade Divac had a best friend named Drazen Petrovic who was a Croatian. Seeing this go worldwide Drazen decided to distance himself from Vlade since he and many more saw this as a disrespect to the country Croatia. Political and social effects were pretty negative on the Yugoslavian country. 

Furthermore, the environmental effect wasn't very great on the country either. The war led to pollution, destruction of buildings and households of citizens, and contaminated drinking water, and so much more. These things led to people becoming homeless since they had no home after it being destroyed from bombs, guns, etc. Diseases were a big part of the environmental effect. Having contaminated water led to people becoming very sick to where it became untreatable. This made Yugoslavia suffer heavy damage to the country. The last thing is the economic effect. Money was a big struggle during the war. People had to shut down businesses because they couldn't keep their stores open due to the war going on. Also, citizens that had jobs could not get to work because the war just kept getting in their way. Due to this action, people didn't have enough money to survive through the tough times. Environmental and economic factors were driving Yugoslavia into the ground due to the war happening. 

The political, social, environmental, and economic effects on Yugoslavia were not good for the country. All those effects were cruel to anyone that was living in Yugoslavia. Having good communication and understanding one another can lead to a happy and functional country, unlike Yugoslavia. 


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