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It was a perfect day to save a life. 

On that humid afternoon in early June, I attended Girl Scout Camp where we sang at the top of our lungs and proceeded to walk to our next activity. We were just about to start climbing the intimidated Rock Wall when the girls and I noticed there was a stranded Buzz Lightyear balloon near the front of the camp. I realized that this was a gift to one of the other girls attending the camp; therefore, I wanted to let everyone know that they shouldn't venture near the balloon. 

More out of amusement than behaving appropriately, three of the young girls decided to attack Buzz Lightyear. I was supervising the other girls while they were conquering their fear of the Rock Wall when I noticed that three children left the group to visit our beloved space ranger. They were blasting the almost deflated balloon with their imaginary finger guns when I decided to give the space ranger a helping hand. Once the girls saw that I was walking over, they immediately stopped attacking Buzz. This allowed me to teach the girls how to accept responsibility for their actions and respect. Girl Scouts taught me the significance of certain issues, just as I taught girls about accountability and compassion. 

Over the previous twelve years, I have become the accountable and hard-working woman I am today. I used to spend hours knocking on the doors of many suburban neighborhoods trying to sell a box of cookies in my patched covered vest; however, when the owner of the house opened the door, I was always hesitant to ask them if they wanted to purchase a box of delicious cookies. I acquired precious communication skills from selling Girl Scout cookies and learned how to respect others around me.

Everyone knows Girl Scouts for their scrumptious cookies and snazzy uniforms, however,  they don't realize the lessons Girl Scouts learn from engaging in these activities. The lessons and characteristics I learned from these experiences will be with me for years to come, including when we started thinking about creative ways to solve issues for our future endeavors.

Completing my Bronze and Silver Awards assisted me to exercise skills in responsibility and leadership. For my Bronze award, we collected pop tabs from many community organizations and donated them to the Ronald McDonald house. In addition, we arranged a food donation for my Silver Award to support homeless individuals. Specifically, this activity had a deep impact on my personality today.

Throughout the years of being a Girl Scout, the organization has always been an outlet to converse with and befriend many individuals. As some of the girls in my troop grew older, our troop changed a little every year. This established an ideal atmosphere to connect with girls who were unique. The community that Girl Scouts has shown me revealed that our world is not homogeneous and that it's more beautiful because of that.

The day I decided to save Buzz Lightyear was a realization of how much this organization has helped me throughout my life.  My troop's annual traditions of singing endless camp songs, selling numerous boxes of Girl Scout cookies, and participating in incredible community service initiatives laid a foundation for lifelong learning. Having these experiences in my life had a profound effect on who I am today and these events helped sparked a period of personal growth for years to come.



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