The Most Dangerous Game Essay Example: Analyzing the Final

The Most Dangerous Game Essay Example: Analyzing the Final
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📌Published: 21 July 2020

In “The Most Dangerous Game”, Richard Connell demonstrates that reason is the main factor in Rainsford’s survival when he describes his sense of calmness and prior knowledge of hunting.                    

In addition, Rainsford shows that he uses reason to survive through his sense of calmness in the game. For example, the text exclaims, “I will not lose my nerve; I will not” (paragraph 180). This evidence confirms that Rainsford uses logic to keep both his mind and emotions clear. By using words such as “nerve’, we can infer that he is trying to the best of his ability to not let any of his thoughts or feelings penetrate.

This could affect how he performs in the game. If he were to let any of his emotions run wild, he probably would have had some sort of mental or psychological breakdown. An event like this could cost him his life. In order to beat General Zaroff, he needs to stay calm and concentrate on suppressing his emotions. To summarize, Rainsford is using reason to survive by staying calm and focused on his strategy. 

In addition, Rainsford shows that he uses reason to survive when Connell describes his prior knowledge of hunting. The text states, “I’ve seen you pick off a moose in the brown fall bush at four hundred years” (paragraph 5). This evidence proves that Rainsford uses his background knowledge having to do with hunting and survival to his advantage. Having this type of prior knowledge justifies that Rainsford uses reason to survive because he is using logic based on his memory and understanding of past events.

In the story, it is also mentioned that he is setting up traps for Zaroff. We can conclude that since he is quite the hunting expert, he has created traps before. Richard Connell depicts him to be very clever and thoughtful. Throughout the text, he drops subtle reminders that Rainsford knows how to handle situations like these out of experience. Reason is the mind’s potential to understand and think through the process of logic. 

In addition, Richard Connell explains how Rainsford’s sense of calmness and prior knowledge of hunting contributes to reason being the main factor of his survival in “The Most Dangerous Game.”


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