Long Walk to Forever. The Example of Essay About Love and Relationships

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  • Published: 17 March 2021
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In the short story "Long Walk to Forever," one of the author's messages was, when two people who love each other, regardless of whether they are apart or with another person intimately, their love for each other never fades. He expresses this message by setting a calming mood and going back and forth, making different words stand out. While Catharine was planning her wedding day (to another man), Newt, her old-time friend, showed up at her door asking if she'd go on a walk with him. First, she was hesitant to go, but she went on. While they were walking, Catharine mentioned to Newt about her wedding, he replied with "I know." At the same time, they kept walking, Catharine realized that Newt could get in a lot of trouble, not informing the army about him leaving, but there was something more substantial to him. Suddenly, he told her he loved her, but instead of going knowing she's getting married, she continued walking with him. 

Birds were perching during the walk, and a fresh breeze all around them; he kissed her, and she didn't pull away. She was mad, of course, but still didn't leave. Eventually, they sat on a tree branch, and he fell asleep; she just stared, and him without fear or worry, smiling and adoring him. When he woke up an hour later, told her he loved her once again, then walked away, but in her heart, she knew if he called for her, she'd run to him. She saw his shadow growing smaller and smaller, but then he stopped and reached for her and ran into his arms. Even with Newt knowing he could have been in a lot of trouble, seen as untrustworthy and irresponsible, and Catharine saw as indecisive and unfaithful by the people around her, they still took a long walk to forever with each other.

This story reminded me a lot of a show called "How I met your mother," this girl named Robin and this guy named Ted met each other at a bar. They started talking and eventually asked him to ask her out on a date. They ended up becoming friends for a while after, but even if he was at home working and she was in another country pursuing her career, they always reconnected. Eventually, he asked her out again, and this time, it lasted about a year. But then work complicated it, and they split. Both of them ended up finding a new significant other, but when they saw each other, it hurt them to see one another with someone that's not them. When Robin went on a walk after getting broken up, Ted saw that she looked upset and ran after her; he knew that this event would be his last chance to have her, so he kissed her under the rain. They tried it AGAIN, and even if their work got in the way, or there was a distance between them, they knew that all they wanted was to be with each other. Just like when Newt was persistent in getting Catharine, Ted was relentless in getting Robin. They both loved each other from the day they meant to their last breath, even if they weren't together. All they needed was to be with them forever.



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