The Line Between Hate And Love Essay Example

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  • Published: 12 May 2021
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There is a fine line between hate and love. However, one thing must remain constant for a relationship to last. There must always be love. Hatred can grow in the place of love in an instant. Since feelings like hatred and love are such prevalent themes in life, many authors incorporate it into their writing. In the novella titled, The Pearl, written by John Steinbeck, relationship struggles remain a major theme throughout the fictional parable. Kino and Juana’s great love fades to abusive distrust due to the discovery of the pearl.

At first, Kino and Juana are simple-minded people who follow the rules of society. Early in the novella, a picture of a happy family is painted. Early one morning, Kino sits in his small brush home and hears his beautiful wife singing an ancient song in their culture. It is the song of family. Kino is reminded of all the love his wife and family brings him.  “...this is safety, this is warmth, this is the whole” (Steinbeck 3). The happy pair are able to confide in, trust, and love one another. They are a ”... symbol of warmth, sustenance, and togetherness…” (Evans 8). Kino and Juana know that life treats them unfairly. Both know that others have it better than them. Yet, it does not seem to matter because each believes that the other is enough. The family is grateful for what they do have and are not angry for what they do not. Kino and Juana posses the stereotypical type of relationship others long for. Kino, Juana, and their family are perfect.

Soon however, Kino and Juana’s relationship begins to feel forced. A new picture is painted, depicting a broken, strained relationship. Juana, being worried about the effects of the pearl on Kino and her family, tries to toss it back into the ocean late one night. Unfortunately, Kino is woken by her and “Quietly he tracked her, and his brain was red with anger.” (Steinbeck 58). Kino and Juana’s unbreakable bond is completely obliterated by the pearl. Kino decides to disregard the image of Juana as his loving wife, instead, replacing it with the image of a new enemy. This is what allows him to brutally attack Juana in an effort to retrieve the pearl. Kino believes he is saving his family. He deliberately bends his morals because of the “... special rage he feels toward a woman he now regards as an unfaithful, betraying wife.” (Evans 8). Kino feels utterly betrayed by Juana’s actions toward him which is why he has no trouble punishing her for it, as well as why he never apologizes for his actions well after the fact. She is the villain in his story. Kino and Juana’s relationship has morphed into something out of a horror story.

Obviously, Kino and Juana’s relationship was greatly tested and changed due to the discovery of the pearl. Some may say their connection grew stronger because of what happened. On the other hand, some may say it was exactly the opposite. Either way, something can be taken away from the family’s experience. Love will prevail above all. After everything that Kino and Juana went through, they survived. They remained in love with one another throughout the course of events and it is what saved them. After all, there is no such thing as hatred. But rather, an absence of love.



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